Sweeping the street with a broom. Usually done by angry citizens who can't stand the lazy audacity of the city to let shit pile up for years.
Guy: "Sorry I'm late; I can't back out of my driveway anymore because of all the shit in the road so I had to do a little street sweeping."
by Jimbopo February 04, 2010
Top Definition
When the night out is over and you are trying to find any girl to bring home
last night I was downtown and and there was no cute girl so I decided to go street sweeping and find any girl I could to bring back to my house
by doitlikeshehot February 02, 2010
Waiting till the bars close then driving downtown to pick up drunk bitches that don't know better
Damn i really need to get laid tonight, let's go downtown after work and do some street sweeping
by rickhead January 08, 2009
Driving around for the sole purpose of picking up homeless people for sex.
"My brother really loves Street Sweeping. He often picks up six or seven homeless guys in his van and has sex with them down at the lake."
by Bluntzilla7414 May 25, 2013
to linger outside the club after closing, still searching for Mr./Mrs. RightNow
Yo, get your fat friend to stop street sweeping so we can go to Dennys!
by jvcwut November 18, 2010
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