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A girl that starts out the night "sharing" the bed but eventually burrows their way into hogging the entire thing. (must have a slight rat resemblance otherwise see bitch scoot over)
"I got no sleep last night because Milton was such a street rat."
by Ganzy April 30, 2008
9 28
he looks and acts like one
by ben readings October 21, 2003
9 36
an underage fuckin dirty group of coons hangin in streets late at night pickin fights with people who r out on a drunk night out just tryin to have fun.
These r the scum of the earth. yep
the street rats tried to steal my wallet.

street rats wanted me to buy them a pack of ciggies.

the street rat pulled a knife on me and told me to give him all my money, wankers
by frulletman June 04, 2005
12 41