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a person who rolls tha streets talken shit and looken for trouble but if they got in a real fite they would get there ass kicked cuz they aint nuthen but a bitch
street bitch:hey fag
thug:what u say street bitch
street bitch:(runs)
by derrick November 07, 2004
A woman (either homeless or a drug addict) that randomly takes crap from a man (either homeless or a drug addict) that is neither her husband or boyfriend. Just a sad fact of circumstance.
I say this street bitch just get cussed out by a guy for walking too slow behind him.
by broadbandito April 23, 2010
someone who can't back up their actions.
See Derrick Cheung
Derrick a.k.a. Street Bitch: Hey nigger!!
Black person: What you say bitch???(Starts to chase street bitch)
Derrick: I'M SORRY! NOOOOO!!!(runs away)
by Pablo January 23, 2005
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