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n. Advertisements posted on telephone poles, traffic lights, and other public areas.
Honest, officer, I didn't even see the stop sign! Look at all the street spam all over that corner.
by JRob October 04, 2005
The millions of billboards posted along our streets and highways as well as the advertisements posted inside public bathrooms, and on the sides of busses.
It would be nice to see what people really thought of this world were they not being brainwashed by all this street spam.
by LuckyME October 13, 2005
1. A term to describe any disgusting looking thing on the ground that has an unknown or vague origin.

2. A euphamism for Vomit.
Don't step in that Stree Spam!!
That street might have once been a pidgeon.
The bum was lying in a pool of his own street spam.
by Rena M October 12, 2005
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