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a pretty bad game, the only thing going for it are the women on it, gets boring when it gets harder
i rented this game for 5 days and i already felt i was finished
by Aiko Tanaka Rules September 25, 2004
The worst street racing game of all-time for the following reasons:

1. Namco should have left it to the dying 3DO

2. There is no "sensde of speed" as seen in NFSU

3. going over 120 MPH and sliding out for turning

4. Namco has NO knowledge of the street racing genre..and should have left it to Ea or Rockstar Games

5. This game is in poor quality, and could have been made in 5 days by a braindead labratory ape

6. even though this factor doesnt mean crap to people like me...the graphics are poor and dont even meet PS2 or Gamecube standards have no knowledge of street racing and therefore should have stayed out of EA's and Rockstar Game's business.
by James Lowe September 06, 2004
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