A pile of dried puke on the pavement or street most likely to be found in a town centre on a sunday morning. Usually consisting of recycled beer and kebabs. May also contain yak pips.
I couldn't believe it, the tramp was actually tucking into the 'street pizza'!
by mtotheo November 07, 2003
Top Definition
A joke for lost pets.Saying 'A car must be crashed it' ingeniously
I couldn't find my hamster.I'm afraid to he is gonna be street pizza soon..
by LiteratOurist Melih December 31, 2009
The splattered remains of an individual that has chosen to commit suicide by falling (or has been pushed from) a very high place onto the streets below, and who's remains resemble the toppings on a pizza, much like marinara sauce.
"Jesus, that jumper sure looks like some street pizza."
by ewitwins June 28, 2012
(old school skate terms) n. the patch of exposed raw flesh from abrasion with the road, usually after a wipe out.
"after all that, he got up at the bottom of the hill, picked up his board and limped away covered in blood, and his back and arm was all street pizza..."
by Eugene Romi August 30, 2006
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