1. real niggas that will ride or die, theyll take a bullet for u or bang out with u with out even thinking bout it no matter what the situation is.
2. Braaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat reppin bloodz sf the set. tc tree city
your second family the love ones u trust thats not ur blood fam is ur street fam
by Pizzy July 08, 2006
Top Definition
Your best friends on ur block or niggaz u chill with that u can trust and consider family
I was chillin with my street famz.
by MOBgangsta184 June 05, 2005
Street Fam is a Hustlers novel by Jason Williams.

The story is about two brothers who are closer than DNA. One brother Low is murdered. Its up to his Street Fam to find out and find out fast who did it. "Street Wise" The Narrator of the story is fully focused on delivering justice in the form of revenge for his murdered brothers life, he knows the answer is right there in front of him among the many mourners in the mortuary who came to pay thier last respects to a real soldier.
by RealGritPress September 14, 2009
"street family" doesnt hav to b direct blood relationship wit somebody. street fam is a phrase for someone who is going through the struggle like u, or someone on ur block/that u grew up with/grew up in the same or neighboring areas that u did.
person 1: i grew up hustling to get my money.
person 2: word up, street fam. (slaps hands)
by t.f.o [tha forgotten one] September 16, 2005
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