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In business, something (an idea, or plan, usually) set up to be knocked down. It's the dangerous philosophy of presenting one mediocre idea, so that the listener will make the choice of the better idea which follows.
It backfires with some frequency, as the listener (out of sheer perversity) will insist on the straw dog.
by Arunabh Das April 22, 2004
Something that is made only to be destroyed.
The doll, like a straw dog, was made for the sole purpose of being destroyed.
by Vulc4n January 02, 2006
Those who socially peaked in high school.
Chet, the captain of the football team in High school, is now an overweight drunk who sells shoes. He is a straw dog.
by Chetfaker April 13, 2014
verb. To rape someone twice
noun. A double rape
Man, getting raped really sucked, but at least-- damnit a strawdog- got raped twice.
by dreadtoad January 09, 2012
To get raped/pwned by something or someone (usually by a hick or redneck).
1) That girl was so drunk at that bonfire last night she got straw dogged and didn't even know it.

2) I fell so hard on my ass that I feel like I got straw dogged dood.
by 8=d------ January 23, 2012
a straw dog is a scapegoat group, place, person or idea in which we dump our evilness, so we can blame it and then by attacking, dissing or destorying it, we externalize it outside of us so we feel free of sin.
America often uses an 'out group' as a straw dog, such as Communists, terrorists, labor unions, gays, in order to deflect attention from the bad things we're doing, such as exploiting the environment or third world labor.
by John Darling March 19, 2006
Used when someone is refering to raping and pillaging someone or multiple people.
"dude, you ready to straw dog that girl?" "yeah, let's straw dog 'er"
by strawdog16 November 01, 2011
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