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1. Using a single expletive multiple times in a sentence.

2. Making up a new type of expletive when your mind is going so fast it seizes and you fart out of your mouth.
"Oh f***! You F***ed up the F***ing F***! The F***ing wall is F***ed!"


"F***takular. The map is F***ed."

by Anonymous November 04, 2003

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see also "stratigraphy word."
by Anonymous November 06, 2003
see "stratigraphy words."
by Anonymous November 05, 2003
1.A word that expresses a massive amount of pressure, insantiy, and fuked-upness.
2. using a single explative more than 4 tiem sin the same sentences, usually in different forms ansd tenses.
Fuktackular, fuctard, fuckitism, anything involoving ass, butt, or fuck, shitbrick, shitrend, ass waffle, futt bucker,
by TIM THE ALCHOHOLIC November 04, 2003