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when someone runs up to another persons back without them knowing and jumps on and then yells "STRANGER RODEO".
like an unexpected piggy back
scotty ran up to alec and yelled stranger rodeo when he hopped on.
by belly bamf. November 12, 2007
An exclusive, underground game that anyone can be playing, but if everyone knew about it, the fun would be ruined.

Stranger rodeo is just like the regular rodeo, except instead of bulls in a dirt arena, it is with complete strangers in a public place. The object of the game is to jump on your stranger's back and hold on for the longest time while they try to shake you off.
Matt: Hey bro check out that cute girl over yonder.
Mike: You should talk to her. A little stranger rodeo would be a winning icebreaker.
Matt: Hey, great idea! I bet I'll even break your record!
Mike: It's on.
by Mykro November 02, 2009
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