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1. Originally a sign for a minor at concerts.

2. Someone who does not partake ingage in things that to some people would be harmful to oneself

3. No fuck, no drink, no drugs
That girl is so straight edge... want to try and get her drunk?
by SlidingTomato July 10, 2006
39 32
I made the decision years ago not to drink/smoke/do drugs... and I don't want to sound like an idiot but even if the opportunity was there to sleep around I wouldn't anyway. I decided all this before I'd even heard of straight-edge, infact I only found out about it last night when I was hanging out with my drinking, smoking friends.

And I'm pleased that the term straight edge is about because it means I have something easier to say if anybody offers me any of the above.

I also appreciate that for some people it's part of the whole non-conformity thing, like following the emo trend... Where they are conforming to non-conformity, if you get what I mean.

But it's unfair to assume that 'straight-edgers' go around in gangs beating the crap out of people because they're smoking. All my friends drink, and all my friends smoke, and most of my friends'll happily sleep around... I just sit there with my bottle of water and enjoy myself like they do.

So you folks on here that call us fags/losers can sod off because that's simply not true in all cases.

Friend of mine before he knew me: D'you drink?
Me: No.
Friend of mine before he knew me: D'you smoke?
Me: No.
Friend of mine before he knew me: D'you do drugs?
Me: No.
Friend of mine before he knew me: So you're straight edge then?
Me: Urm, I guess so.
Friend of mine before he knew me: Cool, I respect that.
Me: That's good then, I also respect your decisions.
by xSuperxCoolx January 14, 2006
46 40
The term was coined by the late D.C. punk/hardcore band Minor Threat, who promoted, through their lyrics, a lifestyle free of drugs, alcohol and casual sex. Ian Mackaye, the band's lead, claimed not to have started a movement, however, in today's underground(or not-so-underground) societies of punk and hardcore, it has become a full-on label. One who claims "the edge" does not participate in "poisoning" their bodies. No drugs, no alcohol, no casual sex(and others will include veganism, abstaining from medications, even so far as caffeine, etc). X's are used to represent "the edge".
sXe, edge, straight-edge, xxx
by katy February 11, 2004
30 24
People of all ages, not just kids or adults, who have chosen to not poison they're bodies for fun, or for anyreason, it's basic rules are No drugs, no Alcohol, and no Sex with out feelings for the other person, it is not a fad, or a way to fit in, it is a life style, usually one picked from having a traumatizing experience with drugs, like Abusive parents. Not all straight edgers use violence to show their beliefs, thos who do are refered to as Hardliners, and are Looked down upon even by most Straight Edger, for giving them a bad name.
I dont poison my body, i am straight edge, im not an abusive jerk and am not trying to preach anything, i definatly dont think im better than anyone.
by Mirk The sXe Jerk November 30, 2003
90 84
The kind of people who choose not to do drugs or drink, but are too trendy to realize you don't need a label to describe everything you do.
I'm straight edge because I want to remember my life, because all drugs give you amnesia.
by adsfjlk; December 12, 2005
20 15
One who has made a lifetime commitment to not smoke, drink, do drugs, or participate in promiscuous sex.

This does not mean no sex at all, it just means only sex when in a serious relationship - not random hook-ups.

Being straight edge has nothing to do with religion. Although someone who is religious can be straight edge - the two are not correlated.

One cannot call themselves straight edge unless they plan to obstain from these acts for life. If someone breaks one of these, he or she was never straight edge.

Those who are straight edge feel they do not need to smoke, drink, do drugs, or participate in casual sex to have a good time and enjoy life. People who are straight edge still go to parties, go see bands at shows, and most of what non-straight edge individuals do - they just don't poison their bodies in the process.
I'm 25 and have been straight edge for 8 years - I go to parties, still see my favorite bands, and have sex with my husband regularly. I never engage in acts that I regret since my mind is clear at all times. I don't cough up a lung going up the stairs since I don't smoke. Being straight edge has never stopped me from having a good time - and the best part is that I remember all of them!
by angelaxvx October 15, 2009
18 14
nobody likes straight edge kids. being straight edge includes:
1)no drugs
2)no alcohol
3)no promiscuous sex
yes, you are gay
We're going to sit inside and play twister because we're straight edge.
by xxxcoolkidxxx January 13, 2008
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