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Straight edge sex takes place between two people, one or both of whom are straight edge, who have sex because they care for one another rather than because it is available.

Contrary to what has been written, straight edge - see also straightedge and sxe - people do often have premarital sex (though some do not), but abstain from casual sex without a committed relationship and/or deep emotional bond with the person they are having sex with.
Straight edge sex is an expression of love between two people, not just a "good time" with an acquiantance.
by Wrae Ann July 14, 2006
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straight edge sex is non existant.
straight edge kids are abstinent.....therefore, straight edge sex doesn't happen.
by jazzwima June 14, 2006
using not ur weiner in pleasuring a female
ew alex and lauren had straightedge sex where im sleeping
by kale the magical kitty January 01, 2005

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