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stays at his place, don't move, stands a long time!, stoic, somebody who is strong and powerful
stoyan is a bulgarian name
by karlson25 February 03, 2010
15 10
A personality trait; polite and caring yet ultimately spineless and generally lacking common cultural, political, sporting, musical, sexual and other social abilities/knowledge and/or awareness.

Other characteristics often associated with being "stoyan" are difficulty to communicate with spoken words and love of being tormented and/or bullied.
Person 1: "Wow, that guy has literally no discernible talent!"
Person 2: "You might say he is a bit stoyan..."

Truthful non-stoyan individual: "You're a fucking waste of space, you have failed miserably at every moment during your pointless, deplorable existence!"
Stoyan individual: "Hahaha, it's funny because it's true, let's be friends!"
by seajayshore November 17, 2011
11 15