A way of saying owned when you're stoner friend or something gets owned.
Friend: "Man, last night I was so stoned and my dad came into my room naked and beat me!"

by Ben Guild May 09, 2006
Top Definition
Playing an online game such at Counter-Strike while being really high and owning another player.
by ScareCrow July 22, 2003

The process of getting owned whilst high on marijuana.

i.e. the best time you'll ever have getting owned.
Man, Fred came over last night and teabagged Steve while he was blazing in the back yard, STOWNED!
by Cruorem August 03, 2008
Playing an online game such as Counter-Strike and killing a player l337ly...

ScareCrow | HIGH : I just stoWNed you!
by ScareCrow July 20, 2003
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