mindless smashing or slashing.
eh cod me ah prick so ah stoved his heed in way a boatel eh buc
by David Inch May 29, 2005
an object that is created to emit heat, they can be made from empty beer cans with the help of a stove dialler, a series of holes are cut for ventilation, and the bottom of the stove is filled with kindling, things can be dialled in with new stoves.
"we dialled jakes garden in with 2 new stoves last night"
by cellardoor4130 May 31, 2005
Badass black superhero. Looks like Steel, talks like Mr. T. Carries a big hammer and will use it to bust your head in.

Died valiantly in the Zero Halls Event.
Alas, we have lost a fine one. May the sheildmaidens in Valhalla welcome you with open arms. Thanks for everything Stove.

- oogie56
by KJB April 02, 2005
Verb: To hurt yourself or to damage something. One who does such a thing is a stover.
He stoved his hand in the car door while trying to get the beer out of the back seat. What a stover!
by Stover Macgee March 26, 2004
Cigarette: Northern slang for a cigarette, used oft by mashed up mancunian ravers becasue of the resemblance of a hot(electric)stove to the end of a lit cigarette. Originated circa 1991 in the early halcyon days of the rave culture; we speculate during a drug fuelled hallucination by said manc.
'fuck me noel, i am bolloxed, is that a ciggy in your mouth, or the stove from me 'nans kitchen'/
General use: 'Give us a stove you cunt'
by anthony willison March 18, 2004
something good or desireable; interchangeable with the word cool
I love that movie, the ending was so stove.
by SteveS47 July 26, 2006
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