A word used in slang for describing sex.
Example: "I'd have sex with her"
With the slang: "I'd stove her"
by Timmey'O'Tewl March 20, 2004
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to do something of extreme stupidity.
-"omg i just gave away all my crap to some stranger on accident"
by Das Popemeister February 16, 2005
A white woman who ONLY likes black guys bbc slut and who only likes getting it from black guys spring thomas. She has no intentions of ever dating someone white, or of any other ethnicity. It's black or nothing.
Girl: "Oh he's cute, would you date him?"

Stove: "Ew, no he's not black."
by bigblckcck September 09, 2011
The process of bludgeoning somebody, usually in the head.
Oh my God! He had his head stoved in with a brick!


I'm so gonna stove that cats head in.
by 12ant34 January 26, 2008
Its a gun. Usually An AK-47
Person 1: Take a look at that stove.
Person 2: It's not a stove! It's a gun.
by CrayRabbit January 05, 2011
Fear causing, tremble making, hand quivering nightmare!
"You better stay away from that stove, dont wanna drop your drink."
by MyMomDoesntLetMe June 23, 2009
To drunkely haul off and punch someone
chase: you want me to stove this motherfucker, huh?
chris: ha ha, stove him dude, STOVE HIM!
by moship February 10, 2007
something that ONLY women should use, to make delicious food
Women don't need watches because there is a clock above the stove where they work and were no guys work.
by farkwad gorilla April 06, 2009

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