looks like what you might get in the toilet after a particularly heavy night out washed down with a half-cooked kebab (i.e. from any takeaway in town)
tastes like an alcoholic, cold gravy. Consitency can range from watery-Bisto-alike to full-on, all-natural-straight-from-cooked-juices
Is nicer than it sounds, can be used as a better replacement for food than beer, as it takes less to fill you up.
"It's st. paddy's day, so let's go for a pint or two of stout"
- If you're not in Ireland, it's NOT real stout
by b0Bz0r3llo February 10, 2005
Top Definition
Stout is a dark beer made using roasted malts. Stout was first brewed by Guinness of Ireland and was originally called Stout-Porter, as its recipe was a variation of that for porter beer. It encompasses a large enough class of beers and subclasses of beers, that Stout and Porter are considered two distinct styles.
I got totally drunk after only 4 pints of stout
by dookie February 28, 2004
Stout is a term describing a female's body. It is not used negatively, but is a trait that is actually sought after. It can be used like the words fine, sexy, or most accuratly thick. It is most commonly used to define a female who has a big booty and big breasts. It can also be used to describe the size of a woman's butt or breasts, as in "she's stout in the front but not in the back." The word stout is also used by some people to describe the general sex-appeal of a female, but that usage is inaccurate. Stout usually refers to only those certain body parts (breasts and or butt).

Only to be used when referring to females.
I'm going to find me a stout joint tonight.

She's stout as hell!

She's stout in the front but she ain't got nothing in the back.
by Yinginanen Sanen April 05, 2005
1) Brave, strong.

2) (Of body) having a plump, ample body.
"She was 5'7'' and of a rather stout build, with blue eyes and a fine head of hair that reached almost to her waist."
by Lorelili March 23, 2005
hell yeah, we got a stout team this year
by stoutkidz. March 08, 2011
ref below;stout is a class of porter, it came about due to the introduction of other grains than barley being used in addition, due to a tax on malted barley.It has become associated with Ireland laterly due to its popularity there, although it was originaly a London style. Porter as a name came about because of the popularity of the beer with the dock porters.Stout because the other grains introduced gave the beer a fuller or stouter texture rather than flavour.The guiness conection at best relates to their being and early importer/exporter and modern marketing!
pint of stout please landlord
by toymi69 May 29, 2008
(n) a deerfly, a huge biting fly with striped wings that lives in northern Canada. Newfoundland slang.
I hit the stout with a hammer and thought I had killed it, but it just shook itself off and flew away.
by Heptune May 16, 2005
To begin the process of 'being out'. (on your way)
Some Dude: Yo what the fuck are we doing? I though we we're going to smoke?

Another Dude: Werd. We stout.
by smokeabluntington May 12, 2011

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