Story of the year rok! They neva sed they were goth and they dont act lyk goth so why call them try hard goths? Unlyk Good charlotte who dress all punk an think they rok, soty just do wat they wanna do... and its awsum! Who cares if they talk abvout death a lot? I still think their lyrics are really good. And just because they r on MTV dusnt make them a mainstream shitty band. Im still the only 1 in my class who has herd of them but y dus that matta anyway. Trust me, if u wre in a band and got offered to b played on MTV I think u would accept! I saw them live at Taste of Chaos and they were mad and really no how 2 play! And for all those ppl that think they r just a shitty pop-punk/emo band go buy their new album "In wake of determination"!!!! Very different,... one of the best cd's I've eva listened to. "Is this my fate he asked them" is an amzing song!! The guitar at the start rocks!!!
Story of the year emo songs that r good:
Until the day I die, Abthem of our dying day, Swallow the knife, Sidewalks
Story of the year punk songs that r awsum:
And the hero will drown, we odn't care anymore, Is this my fate he asked them, Our time is now

There is heaps!! Go out and buy/download Page avenue and In wake of determination today!!
#story #of #the #year #emo #punk #screamo
by *MiLLiE* November 05, 2005
only the best band eva bsides newfound glory nd the ataris
i wanna have sex wit da lead singer lolz he is soooo hot
by July 05, 2004
A "new" pop-punk-emo that nonetheless seems to rehash sentiments, lyrics, and cliches from a million other older, better emo/indie bands.

Deep if you've got an IQ of 50 or less or are a 13 year old girl.

Original if all you listen to is Good Charlotte.

Horrible if you have ears.
<Until the Day I Die> (beginning)

As years go by
I race the clock with you
But if you die right now
You know that I'd die to
I'd die too

You remind me of the times
When I knew who I was
But still the second hand will catch us
Like it always does

We'll make the same mistakes
I'll take the fall for you
I hope you need this now
Cause I know I still do

Until the day I die
I'll spill my heart for you

<Watermark> (middle)

I've got this store-bought way of saying I'm okay, and you've learned how to cry in total silence. We're talented and bright. We're lonely and uptight. We've found some lovely ways to disappoint, but the airport's always almost empty this time of the year, so let's go play on a baggage carousel. Set our watches forward like we're just arriving here from a past we left in a place we knew too well. (Hold on to the corners of today, and we'll fold it up to save until it's needed. Stand still. Let me scrub that brackish line that you got when soemthing rose and then receeded.)

One of these is full of cliches and platitudes and sounds like it was written by a twelve-year old. The other has fairly original lyrics. *hint* the first one is SOTY the second one is the Weakerthans
by Sarah March 28, 2005
crappy wannabe faggy bitchy band that thinks theyre goth cuz they always mention death
person 1: i love story of the year!!!! until the day i die!!!!
person 2: f*ck u they suck!!
person 1: no they dont theyre goth cuz they talk about death!!!
person 2: well since u love death so much *shoots him*
by emosux October 09, 2004
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