Story of the year rok! They neva sed they were goth and they dont act lyk goth so why call them try hard goths? Unlyk Good charlotte who dress all punk an think they rok, soty just do wat they wanna do... and its awsum! Who cares if they talk abvout death a lot? I still think their lyrics are really good. And just because they r on MTV dusnt make them a mainstream shitty band. Im still the only 1 in my class who has herd of them but y dus that matta anyway. Trust me, if u wre in a band and got offered to b played on MTV I think u would accept! I saw them live at Taste of Chaos and they were mad and really no how 2 play! And for all those ppl that think they r just a shitty pop-punk/emo band go buy their new album "In wake of determination"!!!! Very different,... one of the best cd's I've eva listened to. "Is this my fate he asked them" is an amzing song!! The guitar at the start rocks!!!
Story of the year emo songs that r good:
Until the day I die, Abthem of our dying day, Swallow the knife, Sidewalks
Story of the year punk songs that r awsum:
And the hero will drown, we odn't care anymore, Is this my fate he asked them, Our time is now

There is heaps!! Go out and buy/download Page avenue and In wake of determination today!!
by *MiLLiE* November 05, 2005
Top Definition
a good as fuck band who aren't phonies. Their lead singer was the nicest guy I've ever met.
i love anthem of our dying day
by tintle March 01, 2004
A really cool band.
I love Story of the Year's song " Anthem of Our Dying Day"
by Adam Lover November 12, 2003
to all you poeple who think story of the year is emo, you are morons. they are rock, not emo.

An amazing rock band. Made up of 5 amazing, nice, hilarious guys. Who have made 2 amazing CD's. Page avenue, and in the wake of determination. Which is made up of a mix of rock, metal and 80's type music. They are all amazing at their instruments.
Story of the year is the best band in the entire world... They make amazing music. I love them all.
by Kat12 December 21, 2005
THEY ARE NOT EMO! They do not sing about killing themselves and about how much they hate their lives. all you people who say they are emo are basing that on their song "until the day i die" which is probably the only song you would know. and that's not even about killing themselves. its about being in the band and having good times. so stop thinking they are emo. because they are not.
story of the year are the most amazing band in the world. they are not emo, but rock. they make beautiful music.
by Kat12 January 11, 2006
to those of you who think story of the year is a new're complete morons...

What? they've been a band for 3 years now...
by guy August 30, 2004
A band the preforms good emo songs and aren't one of those pop-punk sellouts. All in all, this is one heck of a good band that is a rare breed. Their music is 100% original and 100% Meaningful.
by Arley April 11, 2004
everyone who said story of the year is emo are morons. all the entries i read about them being emo mentions their singles that were shown on freakin mtv, those are the only songs you know huh? they play straight rock and not emo, im not saying emo music is bad but please dont call story of the year that.
go listen to in the wake of determination, story of the year rocks my socks!
by anonymous lam November 10, 2006
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