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short for "whats the story boys?" used by the working class of Dublin, who come from either side of the river see tallafornia, to say "hello guys, whats happening"..

They might also say simply "story" or if youre a stranger, "story bud" ..

its a slightly less common working class greeting as "Alrigh'"
"staarry boyyez, I got me bi' lass nigh'"
"go wan owa da' ye bleedin madjyoke"
by womoma April 15, 2005
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As in 'what's the story boys?' Meaning 'What's going on guys?'. used in North Dublin, Ireland.
Meaning 'What's going on guys?'. Used in North Dublin, Ireland. 'Story boys' are guys who use this phrase.
by Fintan February 11, 2005
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