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A crappy RuneScape based clan comprised of a bunch of people that were kicked out of the Exigence clan and generally rejects and people easily bribed into joining with offers of having a high position. It was founded by Jama B and Momherebegood who helped. They also do stupid shit like make their RuneScape forum thread "storm_fury" so that Exigence wouldn't find it (even though they did within 2 minutes of trying).
Robert: Hey dude! I just joined Storm Fury!

Steve: Oh really?

Robert: Yeah! I left Exigence for them because they said I could be on their High Council and they gave me 5mil. Pretty cool huh?

Steve: You left Exigence for Storm Fury?

Robert: Yeah!

Steve: *pulls out a steak knife and stabs Robert in the head*
by pling #4 January 29, 2009
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