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When gusty winds and random tumbleweeds swiftly roll by your feet, you know its time for a mortifying storm!
Hey Megan, did you hear on the news that there's a storm a-brewin'?
by John Valencia May 24, 2006
The phrase used by a girl to warn someone of her impending PMS.
Oh shit, I can feel a storm-a-brewin down south. This isn't going to be pleasant.
by Deadinlivingform May 27, 2011
the time between eating and having terrible, almost lethal gas
After his eighth bowl of chili with extra mayonaise, Jack knew that there was a storm a-brewin', something that Gartek, PstaKng, Stiltz, and Papa would not be looking forward to. In fact, he was too rude girl. 2-rood.
by Stiltzkin December 19, 2003
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