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The slick substance that is squirted from the nether-regions of a capable female at the height of clitoral orgasm, usually accompanied by speaking in tongues and an apparent possessed rolling back of the eyes and twitching.
I ate Claire's pussy so good that she stooshed all over my face!

Jenna finally broke up with me because I went round and had forgotten to wipe Claire's stoosh off my chin
by belgianwaffler91 July 19, 2012
Stuck up/unfriendly/pretentious
"I didn't want to take the job, because everyone working there was stoosh" or

"that club is stoosh
by Hafez June 05, 2003
to hide, to stash away
Hey! I forgot my keys. Can you "stoosh" them outside somewhere for me?
by MrBJ May 21, 2009
Any person that is rich; a rich object.
Dis computa stoosh! (This computer is “stoosh”!)
Mi live inna stoosh place. (I live in a rich place.)
by Paulisdabomb October 12, 2005
poop monkey
look over there at that smelly stoosh eating bananas
by billy big willy November 15, 2003
A girl or boy that lie's about the sexual acts they have or will perfom.
"Dat girl sed she'd give me head she's a stoosh girl"

"He sed he would lick me out, dat boy's a stoosh"
by LuKe-87 January 10, 2006