to stab someone with a sharp object. Can also mean to catch someone off guard.
I stook that nigga in the back last night.
Dan got me good last night he stook me while I wasn't watching.
by Kris187 June 11, 2007
Short for "so i took" often used on Twitter when running out of charactor space since they only give you 140 charactors. Can also be used by morons that cant spell after sleeping in school. See:Matthew
1.I Had My Dad's truck in the morning, and, i stook it to school.

2.She started screaming really loud, so i stook it out of her.
by STEVENS0N November 19, 2009
originated when the bringing together of two up and coming lads were involved in a scuffle. to stook is to step up,bridge up, ark up, chest someone up, talk shit about someone or bad mouth somebody's motha.
stook the fuck up .. u stook first ya unt
by dezie May 13, 2006

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