During sexual intercourse, gouging the eyes, slapping the faCE, and pieing the face of the female, by the male.
I was fucking her hard, so i gave her a stooge.
by BlumpKING July 30, 2004
KIM haHAHAHAHAHAHha hes a fukin douchebag aswell ahaha
a silly person that ppl need to yell service at for being a stooge ahaha
by Ginja Ninja December 29, 2007
A name men use to refer to a group of three really hot blond women when their wives are around.
1. Hey Tomme did you have fun with those stooges last night?
2. Hey man, those stooges showed me what life is really all about.
3. I can't mow the lawn right now honey, Im watching the stooges movie I bought off TV.
by Flash Sunday October 04, 2005
To have sex with someone else
"I stooged her so good"
by Sexual bob February 06, 2005
a dumb person
that guy is such a stoog
by kevin January 05, 2003

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