The coolest person in the history of the internet. If you are in his presense you should shower him with money and affection. Also has an affinity for ducks.
I wish I was cool like StoOgE.
by Nate January 16, 2005
To be Stooged, to be screwed with
'C'mon man stop stooging me.'
'I paid too much I got stooged hardcore.'
by nobrainnopain May 12, 2003
prefix Stooge

Half Life Clan, mainly NS
known for their skill and over regular use of a knife
NsPlayer: Lol, the stooges have got their knives out again


Stooge: Hey u stole my kill!! i was knifing!!
by fyerbug October 20, 2004
An honour, a term of endearment.
I'm proud to be a stooge.

You are such a stooge.
by Beachball March 22, 2004
1. an insult

2. a bad thing r a stooge

2.I got stooged by that fag
by Nephthys May 26, 2003
During sexual intercourse, gouging the eyes, slapping the faCE, and pieing the face of the female, by the male.
I was fucking her hard, so i gave her a stooge.
by BlumpKING July 30, 2004
Stooge = Clint Wallis
'Your such a Wallis'
by Lfcman March 26, 2004

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