Stupid Person
Delicia is a Freakin Stooge.
Cause She Thinks Shes Original Nd That No one Can Copy Her Style..
What A Freakin Stooge
by Jizzinmypantsitslexy November 04, 2010
1. Someone who has the mental capacity or IQ of their shoe size.
2. An abnormally large, dopey bastard with the brain of a fly.
3.Also see Alex Glumac
"That guy's a stooge!"
"What a stooge!"
by PotatoChip March 24, 2003
- a bogan, a fool. a person who is one of those
"stop it you stooge!"
"ya stooge"
by billie joe armstrong April 06, 2005
The act of thinking you are great when infact you are a stooge.

Also see Angelo.
Myello, my name is Angelo, my friends tell me I am a stooge!
by Fernando Sucre December 03, 2004
stooge- one meaning of stooge is dodgey, not quite right. also someone that bludges bludge off everyone around them.
a fool.
a user of friendships and emotion.
present tense ; you are a stooge- you are a user.
past tense; i have been stooged - i got ripped off/ used.
by wackyv8 September 13, 2007
a fukin looser
peter hollis
by gia gia gia May 09, 2003
A person who has there car tuned by autotech.
see king stooge Geesman on any of the ford forums for tips on how to be a stooge
by Spiro@autotech December 02, 2007

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