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The phenomena that renders a television or movie program unwatchable for more than a few moments before the desire to change the channel or leave the theatre becomes irresistable due to the high levels of stupidity contained therein.

Titled for the Three Stooges, stooge factor can change over time, illustrating how some of our most beloved television programs and movies can become completely unwatchable years later.

Something so utterly stupid that it defies belief.

The desire to escape the program may actually be accompanied by a subtle fear that continuing to watch it may actually make one less intelligent.

(Parody phrase of Fear Factor)

Note that it is possible for modern television and movie programs to have such horrible writing, acting, etc. that it can be said to contain a high stooge factor.
A Three's Company episode being funny back in the 1980s being out of place in the new millennium. Or watching Jerry Lewis try to do his old stand-up routine at a modern comedy festival.

Basically, makes you want to get the hook.

"I can't watch this crap. Too high a stooge factor!"
by Web Scribe January 08, 2008
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