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Brit: Said of something that is good, or exceptional.
Young Jimmy put in a stonker of a performance at the final of the football soccer and scored four goals.
by Dan Fox July 18, 2003
1. An erect penis

2. A foolish or ittitating person.

3. Something really cool.
1. I got a stonker while watching an arousing film.

2. That John is such a stonker.

3. This cream cake is stonking!
by StigmataMartyr July 30, 2004
Great big fuck off hard on
ive got the stonker of a life time and its all for u!
by steve September 20, 2003
British Informal Slang

An erection or any other sign of sexual arousal.
Blimey, that singer gave me a real stonker!
by Retrogradesheep April 10, 2014
Slang for anything massive or large.
Check out my poo, it's a stonker!
by guidopestoni August 31, 2010
a drunk stoner
She's such a stonker. Smokes a lot of weed and drinks a lot of wine.
by some other guy in the mountain November 28, 2013
Drunk or tired, weary.

Can be used in either context.
"Yeah, I just got home from work and I'm stonkers."

"Let's go out and get stonkers!"
by Scott February 09, 2005
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