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a noise made using an open mouth and vigorous movement of the tongue. used to entertain fellow stoners, to break awkward silences, to startle people walking down the street while riding in a vehicle, or to annoy another person
*people walking down a street*

*stoner riding in car passes*

"LIBDLE LIBDLE LIBDLE!" (the basic sound that is the stoner call)

*people jump and are suprised*
by jaylea:strangely[[satisfying]] October 20, 2008
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Stoner Call - a Game played by people who smoke weed, commenly known as stoners. an exciting twist on an old tradition of passing to the left

Basically a fair way of getting the joint. A group of people stand in a circle with at least one joint. Whoever has the joint says a certain word and the first person to say the compliant word gets the spliff. The person who plays the game the most, will obviously smoke the most weed and will get the spliff it the most. Novices to the game wont get any weed and the sad bastard that already smoked up too much will be too high to remember the matching words. for example,

Person with spliff,"Yeah i was listening to this really good song"
Person 2, "What song was it?"
Person with spliff,"Drum n' Bass"
Person 2, "I meant, whats the name of the song"
Person 3, "BONG"
Person with spliff, (passes spliff to person 3)
Person 2, "damnnit"
In Stoner Call, the person with the spliff will call out any of the following 6 words and the adjacent word that is said must be said first to gain possesion of the spliff.

Bing - Bong
Fish - Fish
Squirrel - Stoner
Drum n' Bass - Wiked
S n' M - Only on Weekends
Sex - Yes please
by stonehead March 19, 2008
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