A stoner is a person who does recreational drugs, most commonly marijuana. He/she is usually a passive, analizing person who rarely has bad intentions although he or she may hurt someone but only out of innoncence and distraction. People link stoners with dumb individuals or losers; this is not the case for the most part.
A perfect example of the explanation above is me and my group of friends. We all smoke weed, some more than others, but at the end we are all good people. Me and my stoner friends all perform well in school; I got 1200's in my SAT and I had 2 bowls the previous night to relax before going to sleep. Other drugs that I've experimented with include Shrooms(twice) & Ecstacy(once) I have a steady relationship with my girlfriend (another stoner) and we enjoy being with each other always, with or without weed. For those who hate on bud because you believe it makes you a lousy driver, I've been driving for 1 year and I've driven high before and never gotten into a car accident. I dont recommend you hotbox while driving, not because you'll be high, but because the cops might stop you. Drugs affect each person differently, just know your limit and have FUN
by EPB October 11, 2007
A stoner is someone who habitually smokes marijuana. But it of course flows much deeper than that. See there are many people who regularly smoke pot, that are not stoners. For example, these people may have girl friends/ boy friends who do not condone smoking marijuana. Therefore they keep their weed smoking private and do not disclose any information about getting high with their peers. However, a true stoner is very open and perhaps proud at the fact that they smoke weed. They do not try to hide it from there peers and they wish people could understand that getting high is a possiteve thing. A stoner is not afraid to defend marijuana in a debate. There are many different classes of stoners. The classes vary depending on preferred music genres, selection of clothing, religious beliefs(if any at all), and many other factors. Stoners are diverse people but can always come together to get high with one another.
Person-- "Hey stoner, just go get high."

by Buddah4-2-0 August 17, 2009
your a stoner if you no how to eat ramen noodles without cooking it. you open the package then take the seasoning and spread across block of noodles and then give it a tap on the back and the crunch and munch.
wow your such a stoner you know how to eat noodles without cooking it.
by stonerbaby101,WLP&W420-69 July 12, 2009
A stoner is a friendly person, a chill person, a person with feelings. I am a stoner, and you should love all stoners. And give them money...
For baking...
So I like my reefer, so what.
U is a bitch if you think otherwise.
i have a stoner in my pants
by sto nuh 5082 May 20, 2009
Some people may disagrees about this definition but a stoner to me is if you smoke weed a lot almost every day xcept for those off days, a stoner is a person who has the best of times when hes/shes high, you always want to get high, your peaceful and you chill a ton.
I've been smoking every day of this month you wanna come chill with me ill get a fatty sac and a 8-ball and after we get high we can do some indoor skiing, we can make you a stoner by the end of this week dont worry billy.
by Evan beale June 13, 2008
Someone who is just generally laid back and enjoys everybodys company and loves to smoke. Usually loves rock music and weed.
A stoner is someone that's played guitar for 2 hours straight and can't remember any thing they played due to smoking too much weed and killin their memory. (like me)
by xXKaylaXx August 31, 2006
Stoners are the exact opposite of contrary belief. Considered to be different than potheads, stoners are more willing to apply themselves into life, they also have a stronger sense of the ability to learn.
Most stoners actually enjoy learning, where as a pot head smokes weed, often mixing it with alcohol or other drugs of choice.
Stoners enjoy sitting down with a bunch of friends who share their interest.* Talking about life experiences, religious beliefs, and other fascinating topics that often interest even the most educated person.
Stoners are not stereotypically brain dead, yet usually the exact opposite. The majority of the time, stoners are some of the smartest humans to walk this planet. Most cannot hold a respectable job title, not because they can't personally do it, but because society looks down on them.

This is pointless in the fact that, stoners are truly the smartest people alive and if they were running business, government, or other fascists of authority, we would be way more advanced and better.
But society as a whole rather remain ignorant to this fact and give up a stoner's chance to prove them wrong.

*Just in case you didn't pick it up,
That means smoking weed. : )
-Hey man, what you up to?

+ Nothing much, I'm thinking about this idea to boost our economy.

-Oh really, that's a good idea, you must be high, because I'm a stereotypical society member and I don't even want to give you a chance.

+ But dude, it will pay off our debts as a nation in about three weeks!

-Yeah, but you smoke weed, you stoner, so it won't work.

(Three Weeks Later)
-I should have listened to his idea....
by RonnieH May 23, 2009

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