One who engages in chronic burning of "Marijuana". Also known as a "Red Level User", testing positive in the "red" level for chronic, everyday use.
Stoner is the highest ranking among those who smoke, followed by "pot head", "smoker", and "occasional toker"

A generally peaceful breed, stoners tend to avoid confrontation as a measure to avoid The Man.
See also; pigs, po-po, 5-0.
Stoner Dan hasn't smoked pot in 3 years, so why are his eyes always red?
by Timbo. February 14, 2006
Slang/Street term used to define someone who enjoys smoking marijuana on a daily basis. The common stoner, contrary to popular belief of excessive laziness, trouble making, or having a negative impact on society. In reality the common stoner is none of the above, they are often friendly, laid back, and understanding.
traveler - hey can you tell me how to get to East 12th Street from here?
stoner - yeah man no problem, now all you gotta do is take a left at Knoxville, go straight about a mile then you will hit a stop light and if you went over railroad tracks you went too far man. Now when your at the stoplight take a right then the first left and your on east 12th street dude.
travelers wife - wow that man was really friendly.
traveler - yeah, i think thats what the kids today call a stoner.
by Josh & James October 30, 2007
a stoner smokes a lot of weed but is still in control of there life. stoners are generally peaceful natured, and nice people. also they know just about everything about weed, and probably made a bong in there high school ceramics class or made a pipe in wood shop
stoners say things like: dude! they're the best band to listen to when your high
by big roody March 23, 2008
a stoner is some one that gets so fucking happy from finding out that someones coming over to their house with weed to smoke em up they feel high before they smoke, and run around in a panic to find the steamrooler or the BONG.
james-click.... HOLY FUCK
james-dude guess what
james-what u mean what someones comin over with jibba jibba!
kahmen-HOLY FUCK get the bong. dude you know what i feel high off life right now haha
james- me to

beep beep

lets go get fucked up
god damn were fuckin stoners.

stoners are people that when they run outta cerial they eat crackers and milk and watch pinapple express and fall asleep alot during the day and never get up before 12. so whatever think what you want
by we fight about the tape April 05, 2009
Someone who smokes a lot of pot, most likly daily and probably more than once a day. These people are very kind and will be friends with anyone. If they find out you smoke pot also they want to hang out and smoke with you and become friends. Stoners rarely ever want to fight, they keep the peace and pass the bowl. They enjoy smoking weed when drunk or trippin' because it makes the feelings more intense. They probably dont have very much money very often and when they do they buy large ammounts of mary jane. Stoners are not bad people like other people make us out to be. We're just chill people who found our drug of choice.
"I'm proud to be a stoner, yes i am for the rest of my life"-kottonmouth kings
by stoner-babe-420 February 26, 2009
someone who enjoys smoking (or eating) weed or a regular basis... stoners are really chill, whether from all the weed, or just cause they're like that. stoners can function well whether they're stoned or not and they dont need to be stoned (high on marijuana) to have a good time. they are relaxed, usually good at music, often play guitar and sometimes other more exotic instruments. The stereotype of stoners as lazy freeloaders and dropouts just isnt true. most stoners do have bad memories, but we make up for it by having freer, more innovative thoughts. smoking weed just gives a stoner a better way of seeing things, and lets them be happy and relaxed almost all the time. we are usually friendly unless you look down on us or treat us like junkies, which we're not.
when people call me a stoner, i say "thank you"
by angie.s January 27, 2008
A person who enjoys to smoke marijuana often and usually has a more nature-inclined mindset about the action of "getting high". Often is a peaceful person who smokes weed because of its relaxing effects, sometimes for a religious experience, and not for social status.
This is a non-bias definition of a stoner.
by Rosita November 02, 2006

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