sum1 who getz high smokin da kronic and sum1 who jus spendz their time blazin it on their own couch while watchin tv.
"hey fool!! wut u doin"
"Blazin it and watchin tha game homez"
by antwone August 19, 2004
Obnoxious, cowardly drug addicts who have decided that their lives are so boring and unexciting that they have to let it be ruled by a mostly illegal plant.

Stoners are among the most deluded people on the planet. Stoners believe that marijuana is not a drug, is not addictive, and has absolutely no negative effects whatsoever. Despite the fact that it's blatantly a drug and that they are blatantly addicted to it (they believe it defines them, hence the term "stoner") they are too dumb to notice this, and thus they abuse the drug until they've lost interest in sobriety. They believe that it is some kind of perfect substance that no-one can criticize. It certainly isn't perfect, and the lack of intelligence of most stoners is proof of this.

As well as pointlessly denying that they're all a bunch of annoying loser addicts who can't enjoy life without being constantly high, they also cry and whine incessantly when they are made fun online of or portrayed negatively in the media. The thing is, stoners do nothing to make themselves look good. Firstly, most stoners are criminals because marijuana is illegal throughout most of the world, and yet they deny this, as if they are above the law. And secondly, stoners make really lame excuses for their addiction, often hypocritically claiming that other addicts are worse than them just because marijuana is safer than other drugs. It's this attitude which makes people dislike them, and it makes it harder for people to accept the drug.
Stereotypes exist for a reason - and if you call yourself a stoner, you are calling yourself an addict. And smoking marijuana every day isn't cool, it's cowardly, weak and greedy. Being proud of it even worse. Many stoners actually celebrate their addiction every April 20th, and this behaviour is so pathetic that it's sad. You must have a seriously boring, aimless and uninteresting life if you actually derive pleasure from celebrating your love for getting high every single day. And you guys actually wonder who society looks down upon you.

"I'm all for legalizing weed. However, I still think that people who celebrate the fact that they are drug users are pieces of shit. If you smoke every day, you shouldn't be proud of that. You should feel bad that you have a dependency on something. You're a fucking addict." - Adam Buckley (A Dose Of Buckley)
by TT454 April 11, 2015
People who smoke weed and are cool because they are cooler than the people who freak out because someone else is smoking weed...even though its a good thing to smoke weed because it is fun and good for you...SMOKE WEED PEOPLE...EVERYONE'S DOING IT!!!!
Those stoners over there are SO COOL!!
by stoners rock!!! March 20, 2004
the definition of a stoner is i, i smoke three times daily, everyday fuck man i jus wanna git high like tht fuckin towel on south park...that shit is funnnny
hah u wanna git high?
more fo meeeee
by serialla killa April 11, 2004
some guy who sits there, does jack all. Mumbles and groans at anything. Is possibly constantly stoned. In his own world all the time, doesnt appreciate the legendary sandwiggy brought up by the y-ratt then the brookstar and also most likely hated by coop
"callum ur a little stoner fuck, get on with your work!"
by Loz and the Y-ratt February 15, 2005
The word "stoner" is commonly used to describe someone who smokes marijuana or hash on a regular basis. Stoners consider themselves to be friendly, fun-loving, non-judgemental, and harmless. Rarely mentioned, however, is how lazy, worthless, annoying, flakey, boring and unproductive a good 95% of them are. A common phrase used among stoners is "I don't need weed to have fun", yet strangely you never see them go a day without it.

Stoners, in their "enlightened" state, are the first to speak out against controversial issues and injustices but the very last to ever lift a finger over it. Most (but not all) tend to resemble the character Shaggy from the cartoon show Scooby Doo in either looks or general behaviour. A stoner will tell you how great a sense of humor he has, but usually laughs at things that are not truly that funny in a sober state of mind.

When confronted about their overall worthlessness, stoners vehemently deny that smoking weed makes them losers or hinders success in life. While some successful people DO indeed smoke marijuana, they are usually not actually stoners, meaning they partake only occassionaly and not as a lifestyle. The few stoners who ARE successful and live fulfilling lives are a rare breed, and not truly representative of what it is to be a stoner. Unbeknownst to them, there is a difference between a pot smoker and a full-out stoner.

If you are a stoner, you should be ashamed of yourself and extinguish your joint on your own exposed flesh immediately. Aim higher, get a girlfriend, find a new hobby, and get a decent job. Then when you discover better things in life, you'll finally figure out why everyone looked down on you.
Stoners believe that smoking weed likens them to famous figures such as Jimi Hendrix, 50 Cent, Ali G, Johnny Knoxville, Bill Clinton, Cheech & Chong and Bob Marley. Guess what? It doesn't.
by Chernorizets Hrabr October 18, 2006
A stoner is a fucking idiot whose memory is no better than a goldfish. never trust or count on a stoner to do anything cause they sure as hell aint going to remember to do it. and dont even bother trying to help or teach them anything cause they dont have a learning curve. stoners are fucking losers who cant deal with lifes problems without being blazed out of there mind.
you'll have a conversation with the stoner at work and the next day theyll bring up the same dumb shit you had just talked about 12 hours earlier having tottally forgot they ever had the conversation in the first place.
by n.bishop November 15, 2006

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