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They are the citizens of this world that annoy me the most. If I hear one more pothead recite statistics about tobacco vs. marijuana, I will gladly blow my fucking head off. We get it. Legalizing marijuana is your number one objective and you will spout mind-numbing information straight into my earholes until I finally join the bandwagon. At one point in our lives, none of us gave a flying fuck about drugs. The majority of people against pot today, were driven against it by the very people supporting it. NO, marijuana will not kill you. NO, it will not directly turn you to harder drugs. NO, it will not make you kill people or go insane or any of the scare tactics used in the 1920's against marijuana that I have been forced to watch ridiculous movies about because my older brother is one of you idiots. NONE of those scare tactics are correct, and the U.S. government officials were wrong in lying to the American citizens about the effects of marijuana to justify making it illegal. They should have been truthful in telling the United States that marijuana only makes you a Lazy Pretentious Asshole.
The stoners in my apartment complex won't stop blasting Bob Marley music and their bootleg copy of the movie 'Shottas'.
by AntiDouchebag October 15, 2010
67 118
A person who uses drugs all the time, not just Marijuana. Usually called a skid, they are always broke, and have no ambitions in life.
"That dude is such a stoner"
by Milhouse April 09, 2005
30 81
Someone who partakes in the consumption of marijuana in order to bring about a euphoric high. They generally hold a carefree attitude towards life and are pretty much apathetic towards everything besides the quality of their drug. A stoner can be found living in the cluttered basement of their parents, even after the age of 18. These people tend to be extremely lazy and lack the motivation to complete common tasks such as getting a job or washing their clothes. As a result, these people are more inclined to be dirty modern-day hippies. Stoners claim to have a greater appreciation for the arts but this is actually just the marijuana affecting the auditory and visual receptors in the brain. Holding a constructive conversation with a stoner is virtually impossible due to the fact that their short-term memory is faded or they are constantly day-dreaming. These creatures are generally passive but may turn aggressive if their marijuana or pipe is in jeopardy.
I would maybe bang that girl if she wasn't such a dirty stoner.
by CMcNasty April 24, 2005
37 89
People who smoke weed and are cool because they are cooler than the people who freak out because someone else is smoking weed...even though its a good thing to smoke weed because it is fun and good for you...SMOKE WEED PEOPLE...EVERYONE'S DOING IT!!!!
Those stoners over there are SO COOL!!
by stoners rock!!! March 20, 2004
23 78
sum1 who getz high smokin da kronic and sum1 who jus spendz their time blazin it on their own couch while watchin tv.
"hey fool!! wut u doin"
"Blazin it and watchin tha game homez"
by antwone August 19, 2004
12 70
the definition of a stoner is i, i smoke three times daily, everyday fuck man i jus wanna git high like tht fuckin towel on south park...that shit is funnnny
hah u wanna git high?
more fo meeeee
by serialla killa April 11, 2004
13 73
The word "stoner" is commonly used to describe someone who smokes marijuana or hash on a regular basis. Stoners consider themselves to be friendly, fun-loving, non-judgemental, and harmless. Rarely mentioned, however, is how lazy, worthless, annoying, flakey, boring and unproductive a good 95% of them are. A common phrase used among stoners is "I don't need weed to have fun", yet strangely you never see them go a day without it.

Stoners, in their "enlightened" state, are the first to speak out against controversial issues and injustices but the very last to ever lift a finger over it. Most (but not all) tend to resemble the character Shaggy from the cartoon show Scooby Doo in either looks or general behaviour. A stoner will tell you how great a sense of humor he has, but usually laughs at things that are not truly that funny in a sober state of mind.

When confronted about their overall worthlessness, stoners vehemently deny that smoking weed makes them losers or hinders success in life. While some successful people DO indeed smoke marijuana, they are usually not actually stoners, meaning they partake only occassionaly and not as a lifestyle. The few stoners who ARE successful and live fulfilling lives are a rare breed, and not truly representative of what it is to be a stoner. Unbeknownst to them, there is a difference between a pot smoker and a full-out stoner.

If you are a stoner, you should be ashamed of yourself and extinguish your joint on your own exposed flesh immediately. Aim higher, get a girlfriend, find a new hobby, and get a decent job. Then when you discover better things in life, you'll finally figure out why everyone looked down on you.
Stoners believe that smoking weed likens them to famous figures such as Jimi Hendrix, 50 Cent, Ali G, Johnny Knoxville, Bill Clinton, Cheech & Chong and Bob Marley. Guess what? It doesn't.
by Chernorizets Hrabr October 18, 2006
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