One who spends a too much time smoking marijuana.
He's such a stoner.
by Lilith September 18, 2003
a marijuana smoker. generally refering to a demographic comprised mainly of undersupervised and marginally privileged youth. age is not limiting, however, most stoners beyond early twenties should be more accurately termed "burn outs." for stoners, marijuana smoking provides the most profound and foundational element of their personality, structure of belief, vocabulary, mannerisms, topics of interest, and secondary occupations. a secondary occupation is what the stoner may or may not do when he is not smoking marijuana, or alternately engaged in activities which are particularly enhanced by the effects of smoking marijuana, ex: viewing pink floyd's "the wall," sleeping, listening to pink floyd's album " the dark side of the moon" while watching "the wizard of ozz," succumbing to the munchies, or masturbating, physically, or mentally.

the acceptance into a stoner clique can help individuals without developed secondary interests bridge the gap of difference between themselves and other lonely masturbaters, alternatively providing an environment rich in opportunity to ponder the answers to man's deepest questions, or to log some time making paradoxes of the most mundane subjects.

the stoner may be recognized by his self proclamation through stickers, pins, buttons, drawings and patches picturing the cannabis plant on his clothes, vehicle, or other belongings. however, the stoner may appear as any classification, genre, or clique concerning the categorization of people. he may appear nondescript to the smallest element, or he may sport the fashions of the skaters, punks, hipsters, freaks, or other labels. one may also note a curious smell which accumulates over time in their clothing, vehicles, skin, and hair. not the smell of marijuana, or smoke, but a mild sour smell. the stoner may also be singled out by the smell of marijuana, the frequent use of eye drops, and lazy, half shut eylids resembling the thick fleshy eylids of the french. most commonly they are denoted by the darting paranoid eyes, or the semen stain on their pants.
"stoners are relaxed and thoughtful individuals."

"hey, lets go over to that stoner's house."

1: that stoner kid always writes in his diary
2: yeah, i noticed he writes in it every time he asks the teacher to be excused to go to the restroom.
1: someone told me it is his masturbation diary. he writes how many minutes it takes to ejaculate, the relative amount of semen, the technical method used, the mental image produced, the relative duration of the orgasm, and where he wiped his hand in the bathroom stall.
2: you're sick.
1: not compared to stoner masturbaters
2: ha ha ha, i guess you're right.
1: wanna get drunk tonight?
2: hell yeah.
by dr. roland james nesbaum III September 05, 2005
1. one who likes to get stoned.
2. me.
i smoke atleast a quarter every day. i guess you could call me a stoner. i love the world.
by ella November 17, 2004
They are the citizens of this world that annoy me the most. If I hear one more pothead recite statistics about tobacco vs. marijuana, I will gladly blow my fucking head off. We get it. Legalizing marijuana is your number one objective and you will spout mind-numbing information straight into my earholes until I finally join the bandwagon. At one point in our lives, none of us gave a flying fuck about drugs. The majority of people against pot today, were driven against it by the very people supporting it. NO, marijuana will not kill you. NO, it will not directly turn you to harder drugs. NO, it will not make you kill people or go insane or any of the scare tactics used in the 1920's against marijuana that I have been forced to watch ridiculous movies about because my older brother is one of you idiots. NONE of those scare tactics are correct, and the U.S. government officials were wrong in lying to the American citizens about the effects of marijuana to justify making it illegal. They should have been truthful in telling the United States that marijuana only makes you a Lazy Pretentious Asshole.
The stoners in my apartment complex won't stop blasting Bob Marley music and their bootleg copy of the movie 'Shottas'.
by AntiDouchebag October 15, 2010
A person who uses drugs all the time, not just Marijuana. Usually called a skid, they are always broke, and have no ambitions in life.
"That dude is such a stoner"
by Milhouse April 09, 2005
an inbred guy that lives in mildura most of his life and likes farmin'. Milf hunter
hey greg see that guy over there, he looks inbred

yer thats stoner mate, he is inbred mate

yer fort so mate, lets go do some farmin'
by steven gregory October 05, 2006
Someone who partakes in the consumption of marijuana in order to bring about a euphoric high. They generally hold a carefree attitude towards life and are pretty much apathetic towards everything besides the quality of their drug. A stoner can be found living in the cluttered basement of their parents, even after the age of 18. These people tend to be extremely lazy and lack the motivation to complete common tasks such as getting a job or washing their clothes. As a result, these people are more inclined to be dirty modern-day hippies. Stoners claim to have a greater appreciation for the arts but this is actually just the marijuana affecting the auditory and visual receptors in the brain. Holding a constructive conversation with a stoner is virtually impossible due to the fact that their short-term memory is faded or they are constantly day-dreaming. These creatures are generally passive but may turn aggressive if their marijuana or pipe is in jeopardy.
I would maybe bang that girl if she wasn't such a dirty stoner.
by CMcNasty April 24, 2005
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