One who does drugs habitually, and exibits a constant behavior of being high.
Bug's friends found out he was a stoner after he was arrested for drug use.
by Smart E. Pants September 16, 2003
a term for anyone who enjoys the effects of one or more drugs enough to repeat the use of that drug or drugs.
you cannot write any less vague definition for the millions of stoners in this world. Some are good, some are bad.
by honorstudent/stoner July 06, 2006
A person who gets "stoned" (high off cannabis) often. They're not always laid back and lazy as some people say they are.
I enjoy a spliff or a shotty every now and again but I'm not a stoner as such.
by Crook November 29, 2004
A generally happy (strictly when high) person who wastes every last penny on "grass", figures out the universe and finds meaning to life like WHOA WHAT IF WE'RE ALL IN A COMPUTER GAME. A person who constantly and insecurely tells everyone around them all the positive effects of smoking marijuana such as how it takes away nausea when you have cancer (probably from marijuana) and ignores the long list of serious health risks it poses.
Hey, look over there how weed has forced those stoners to apply at the local gas station for a job in order to pay for their hobby.
A person who uses the herb cannabis sativa as an intoxicant
The stoner gathered his favorite bong, some bud and his mp3 player and proceeded to toke away the painful realities of his dismal life.
by Cyberbach September 18, 2003
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