Someone, mostly males from the ages of 13-19, who run around throwing rocks at people for no good reason. They throw stones, hence the term "stoner".
Benny: "Ya see that boy Jonny walking towards us?"

Me: "Yeah, what about him?"

Benny: "Well rumor has it that he is quite the stoner."

*takes off running*
by dabizz June 16, 2008
One who smokes mostly everyday, who doesnt care what anybody thinks of their beliefs, one who will go all day looking for money for a nic, and if they dont find the money, they will find a buddy who already has the bud!! One who thinks outside of the box and can go into details... more into details if they were high....
stonerrachel: you gunna toke up that shit or what bro?
stonernick: man im getting to it, but did u see that shit he just did(hes watching tv because hes so baked)
stonerrachel: well man... well... grabs some fritos... dude COME ON
stonernick: (passes slowly)
stonerrachel: HELLL YEA!!!!!!!!!
...... then it gets silent because rachel aint giving his bowl back BITCHES
btw im rachel n nick is my best buddd hes growing tons of weed in his room this very second
by imbakedxrachel March 08, 2008
One who throws stones.Especially at kids who are ugly.
Guy1:Stupid people don't know the original definition of stoner
Guy2:Whats a stoner??
Guy1:*Throws stone at ugly dude*
by A true stoner March 01, 2007
Name of a prolific inventor of military weaponry, Eugene Stoner. Most significantly, Stoner developed the AR-15 rifle while working at ArmaLite. ArmaLite, being an engineering and R&D facility, sold the design and manufacturing rights to Colt Firearms. Colt marketed the AR-15 to the U.S. military, which adopted it and reclassified it as the M-16 and its sub-variants. The Stoner-designed AR-15 platform has been the longest serving U.S. military rifle of all time and is a battle-proven design.
"Stoner: Slugs not Drugs."
by legbatom June 17, 2006
One who smokes marijuana and holds a generally carefree attitude toward life. Fun to hang out with or fuck occasionally, but do not expext them to get serious in a relationship.
I've been stressed lately, so I'm going to chill with some stoners tonight.
by kate November 22, 2004
n. short for standby boner. A boner held in reserve until a certain action or event takes place.
As Brian was making out with the girl from the bar, Spooky lied at the foot of the bed with a stoner, hoping to get in on the action.
by Soss Man April 02, 2008
A person who smokes exsesivly and loves the ganja....But you know...stoners are the best...
Yea i smoke so a damn stoner
by Soriah December 13, 2003

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