Slang for a person who smokes cannabis regularly. Stoners often appear in public as laid back, worry-free individuals. They may also be slandered against by people who are considered straight edge. Many stoners have been thought of as future burnouts, who fool themselves into believing that their lives are in much better condition than they really are by distorting their brain functions with popular narcotics.
"Jacob has a ton of pot in his backpack right now, and he's been telling me how great it is to get high. He's definately a stoner."
#stoners #pothead #burnout #junkie #druggie
by Twiggs January 04, 2008
A person who smokes mary jane for relaxation. They don't brag about it, nor do it every day. They also do not let mary take over their life. Often, you can't tell whether a average person is a stoner or not.
Oh, he's such a stoner!
#marijuana #mary jane #high #love #life
by Bob_the_builder March 17, 2006
A stoner is also known as a reefer. a stoner is most commonly found to be a male between the ages of 16 and 28. Stoners often smell strongly of body oder and smoke. These so called "stoners" are often found stumbling around the following. Tacobell, Burgerking, Mc Donalds, and or KFC. These stoners do nothing but eat food and smoke mary jane all day every day. Stoners are often found in the bottom of their grandmothers basement listening to ACDC or Pink Floyd. Stoners do not preform well at school, becasue for the most part they can not stop sleeping during class. in conclusion a stoner is a nic name givin to someone that smokes weed too much.
Go smoke your weed you god damn stoner.
#reefer #burnout #potheads #hippies #druggies
by skatercid52 April 12, 2009
n. short for standby boner. A boner held in reserve until a certain action or event takes place.
As Brian was making out with the girl from the bar, Spooky lied at the foot of the bed with a stoner, hoping to get in on the action.
#boner #hard on #erection #panhandle #meat wallet
by Soss Man April 01, 2008
1. People who enjoy drugs or herbs. They may pick from one or more of these: marijuana, LSD, 2CB, Cocaine, and/or heroine. They enjoy getting high and chillin out.

2. People who use illegal drugs to distract them from their feelings or make them feel better for a while.
Look at that stoner he looks like he's having a good time.
#stona #gonja smoker #pot head #druggie #hippie
by Shleeby94 June 01, 2009
: A person who cant form a real relationship with anything but a smoking aparatus, most of his friends have either given up on him or died trying. He refuses to listen to reason and force feeds his left over friends random ideas and commends he feels at the specific moment having almost no recolection of the
Me, and Im a Stoner
#canabis #weed #smoking #marry jane #hash
by VallliSimma November 23, 2008
One who smokes mostly everyday, who doesnt care what anybody thinks of their beliefs, one who will go all day looking for money for a nic, and if they dont find the money, they will find a buddy who already has the bud!! One who thinks outside of the box and can go into details... more into details if they were high....
stonerrachel: you gunna toke up that shit or what bro?
stonernick: man im getting to it, but did u see that shit he just did(hes watching tv because hes so baked)
stonerrachel: well man... well... grabs some fritos... dude COME ON
stonernick: (passes slowly)
stonerrachel: HELLL YEA!!!!!!!!!
...... then it gets silent because rachel aint giving his bowl back BITCHES
btw im rachel n nick is my best buddd hes growing tons of weed in his room this very second
#baked #toked #munchies #money #broke
by imbakedxrachel March 08, 2008
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