People who smoke weed, and sometimes other drugs.
Stoners are people who smoke marijuana regularly.
by Markkk December 05, 2006
A stoner is a delicacy believed to have been first prepared in take-away outlets in Glasgow, Scotland.
It consists of a donner kebab prepared using a cheese and tomato pizza instead of pitta/nan bread. It is folded in half, dipped in batter, and then deep fried.
"Come on kids, eat your stoner or you won't be getting that deep-fried mars bar "
by GSP2 March 06, 2008
A stoner is NOT a loser. Stoners are people who smoke pot and have FUN. People are saying stoners are losers and making this world a bad place. It's actually the poeple who don't like them, all they care about is looking "perfect" and having money but are they actually happy, because they have all these loser freinds and fancy cars but could be having more fun being high? Stoners can have fun playing with a napkin or looking at a picture all day so who cares about all that extra money. Maybe it is true how stoners lose brain cell but they gain wisdom in life in exchange. They have a better perspective on life and have more fun living it. They arent how people stereotype them as; a loser who smokes too much weed and gets too agressive. Actually stoners are happier and way more gentle than any other "normal" person in this world and wouldn't hurt a fly. A real stoner doese not go around talking about how much weed he smoked last night either and how "cool" he is. Wow good for you, you smoked a five dollar joint...your point? So basicly a real stoner is some one who smokes pot, doesnt brag about it, and enjoys life while they are doing it. Have you ever seen an un-happy/high person in your life? I haven't. So anyone who says we are losers you can go right to hell with your boring life. God put herb on earth for us to pick and smoke it.
"I'm definately happier than that stoner, I'm smart, have a good job, no freinds. Yup this is the life!"
by Dalton Ward June 27, 2006
Is a bad ass mother fucker. Just likes to have a good time. Talks slowly because mouth sticks together (cottonmouth). Forgets..everything. Usually is broke, because all of their money is spent on pot, or gas (bakerouting). Often avoides social gatherings to get high with other stoners. Rambles to oneself. Non-stoners don't understand the high mumbles or thoughts. People hate on stoners, but they're good people.
Did you see those girls eyes? What a stoner.
What was she talking about? Must be a stoner.
I wanna be a stoner, they're awesome.
by main boss March 05, 2011
one who uses drugs because one is actually DEDICATED to the certain drug. usually marijuana. One level above recreational drug user. One level below drug addict.
guy 1:yo i'm a stoner
guy 2:word
by gostupid December 03, 2006
The stupid fuck about me doesnt know what hes talking about. I dont have anything against straight edge, but I do hate the lil self-important ass clowns who put others down because they dont do what they do.
Now, stoners are generally cool guys. the like to smoke weed and just cool out to some good music. They dont force weed on others, but are more than willing to share if someone wants so too. They are usually looked down upon by the rich, religous, and all-around ass clowns. Dont buy into the the negitive hype, stoners are cool guys.

Straight Edger: ZOMG!! You a stoner!! Your nothing but a worthless piece of shit who is killing our society, for no other reason than my mommy told me that pot was the devil planet!!
by W.R.C. Murphy July 12, 2008
a rock like boner lasting an unussualy long time, caused by smoking weed, more commonly known as a weed boner
Mary Magdelin was a whore, so they stonererd her
by Dr. Thomas Jay February 18, 2009

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