it describes a group of people that hae a high tolerence of thc which is found in cannibis
everyboby calls me stoner cuz i smoke alot
by the one and only stoner 420 69 February 07, 2010
A term used to describe a user of drugs (especially cannabis).

Sometimes the term is linked to other unorthodox behaviors only slightly related to drugs.

Sometimes it is associated with the sixties generation.
He's only poor because he's such a stoner.

Dude, you look like such a stoner.

Yes, his mom is still a stoner.
by ehWhateverYouSay December 05, 2009
A person who frequently uses drugs most commonly marijuanaand gets stoned lots.
Daniel is a very good example of a stoner
by Leon606 August 17, 2006
someone who is constantly on drugs and getting high(me) and is commonly mistaken for a person who is violent and tempermental, although their not...their often peaceful and laid-bakc, quite fun actually...even though they can be mean to select people at times, their awesome..mike rest peacefully we love you..CANNOT BE SELF-PROCLAIMED
she is such a stoner
by stupid girl May 03, 2005
A person who usually takes a lot of drugs, especially marjiuana. And enjoys life more than most people.
Hey,you know that guy Nick...well he enjoys life more than most people! Stoner
by Stoner3883929263 December 14, 2014
Gods secondary disciples, they don’t go around telling people “hey I’m a stoner and I am sooooo high right now” posers who say stuff like that are generally the assholes of the smoking’ bud entertainment, stoners are good people who enjoy life (usually) more relaxed and…subtle.
Stoner #1 Did you see Joe goin' around the classroom telling everyone he was a stoner
Stoner #2 Yeah he is such a poser, hey you coming over to smoke some bud today
Stoner #1 Dude, have I ever said no too weed
by lfhs rocker February 05, 2008
a stoner i a person who enjoys smoking that sweet sweet ganja (example; me) we often get picked on because of our typical social status or our income. and those people can suck my dick man fuck them fuckin im smokin right now fuck them man i can do what i want its better than booze! <.< fuck you >.< man LEGALIZE MARIJUANA!!!!!!!!!!!
i am the RedEyedDemon i am on a holy mission to bring justice to this cruel world every please support my cause and post this in your examples and sigs everywhere "EVERYONE GO GET A SMOKING UTENSIL AND PROCEED TO SMOKE A BOWL IT WILL MAKE YOU FEEL BETTER!!!!" STONERS EVERYWHERE UNITE AND SMOKE WOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!
by RedEyedDemon July 19, 2009
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