People who enjoy smoking the Marijuana on a regular basis. Friendly people who are nice too. And although they could spend their hard earned cash on something that could get them somewhere in life, they are happy buying weed on a $50+ a week budget.
I am a lot more successful then those stoners because I don't spend all my money on the Herb of the sacred garden
by The Evangelist June 18, 2011
A useless member of society that smokes marjuana on a daily baisis. They don't like it when you look down on them because they think they are actually worth something. In reality all they do is go home in thier studio apartment (or freeloading off an unfortunate Roomate) smoke a joint, then do a podcast. activities of a stoner involve giggling uncontrollably, Liquiding (Strange arm movements, probably a mating call), Listening to dubstep, and eating what ever munchies thier roommate has to offer. Stoners can habitually be seen at bong stores, outside 7-11, under bridges, ect.
Steriod Monkey1:Hey! see you see those stoners over there?

Steriod Monkey2: Oh yeah!

by Yourmothersnewboyfriend February 16, 2011
someone who is constantly on drugs and getting high(me) and is commonly mistaken for a person who is violent and tempermental, although their not...their often peaceful and laid-bakc, quite fun actually...even though they can be mean to select people at times, their awesome..mike rest peacefully we love you..CANNOT BE SELF-PROCLAIMED
she is such a stoner
by stupid girl May 03, 2005
An incompetent dolt that wishes in life only to get high, Forever working at Burger King or Spencers. Wondering where life went wrong, A collection of bongs worth their entire life savings. Drives only 15 year old Hyundais with 420, Bob Marley and Grateful Dead stickers covering it.
Bob: Man I showed up so stoned for the SATs i only got a 1100!

Frank: I showed up after a bottle of tequila and 3 beers and got a 1580. You probably should not be a stoner, Maybe you should be so drunk you urinate on the proctor next time...

Sally: I came in blind stinking sober and got a 1228, maybe next time a bottle of vodka for breakfast.
by The_Drunken_Nun August 17, 2012
Someone that laughs alot, and really doesn't give a fuck what's going on around them. They just stare at the stupid people around them while eating brownies, drinking Mountain Dew and laughing they're asses off at people who aren't high. They have the amazing ability to entertain others around them with the crazy shit that they say.
Stupid fucker: "Look at those dumbasses over there."
Cool guy: "Your just mad that they're stoners and your not"
Another Guy: "Look at them sit over there laughing at us, they're so happy."
by Smokey2012 September 28, 2011
a stoner i a person who enjoys smoking that sweet sweet ganja (example; me) we often get picked on because of our typical social status or our income. and those people can suck my dick man fuck them fuckin im smokin right now fuck them man i can do what i want its better than booze! <.< fuck you >.< man LEGALIZE MARIJUANA!!!!!!!!!!!
i am the RedEyedDemon i am on a holy mission to bring justice to this cruel world every please support my cause and post this in your examples and sigs everywhere "EVERYONE GO GET A SMOKING UTENSIL AND PROCEED TO SMOKE A BOWL IT WILL MAKE YOU FEEL BETTER!!!!" STONERS EVERYWHERE UNITE AND SMOKE WOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!
by RedEyedDemon July 19, 2009
A stoner is NOT a loser. Stoners are people who smoke pot and have FUN. People are saying stoners are losers and making this world a bad place. It's actually the poeple who don't like them, all they care about is looking "perfect" and having money but are they actually happy, because they have all these loser freinds and fancy cars but could be having more fun being high? Stoners can have fun playing with a napkin or looking at a picture all day so who cares about all that extra money. Maybe it is true how stoners lose brain cell but they gain wisdom in life in exchange. They have a better perspective on life and have more fun living it. They arent how people stereotype them as; a loser who smokes too much weed and gets too agressive. Actually stoners are happier and way more gentle than any other "normal" person in this world and wouldn't hurt a fly. A real stoner doese not go around talking about how much weed he smoked last night either and how "cool" he is. Wow good for you, you smoked a five dollar joint...your point? So basicly a real stoner is some one who smokes pot, doesnt brag about it, and enjoys life while they are doing it. Have you ever seen an un-happy/high person in your life? I haven't. So anyone who says we are losers you can go right to hell with your boring life. God put herb on earth for us to pick and smoke it.
"I'm definately happier than that stoner, I'm smart, have a good job, no freinds. Yup this is the life!"
by Dalton Ward June 27, 2006

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