Someone that laughs alot, and really doesn't give a fuck what's going on around them. They just stare at the stupid people around them while eating brownies, drinking Mountain Dew and laughing they're asses off at people who aren't high. They have the amazing ability to entertain others around them with the crazy shit that they say.
Stupid fucker: "Look at those dumbasses over there."
Cool guy: "Your just mad that they're stoners and your not"
Another Guy: "Look at them sit over there laughing at us, they're so happy."
by Smokey2012 September 28, 2011
People who enjoy smoking the Marijuana on a regular basis. Friendly people who are nice too. And although they could spend their hard earned cash on something that could get them somewhere in life, they are happy buying weed on a $50+ a week budget.
I am a lot more successful then those stoners because I don't spend all my money on the Herb of the sacred garden
by The Evangelist June 18, 2011
A friendly, lazy type of people, usually wearing drug rugs and munching on burritos. Stoners are friendly, peaceful, and often humorous. You can find them in any low income area, and often wealthy people or celebrities are hidden stoners.
Normal person 'oh what a lovely day'

Stoner 'hahaha look at that fucking squirrel, bro'
by TheCrazyMaddie May 10, 2011
Yo dude, someone who just lived their life dude, no regard
Where there is a stoner there is a way
by PotHead/ 420 Nation May 01, 2011
A person whose way of life is based around being and getting stoned. To be a TRUE stoner you must:

1) Smoke everyday
2) Know the simple processes of smoking: how to roll; use a carb; use a slider; not torch the bowl; etc
3) Not be a scavenger. Either you buy your own weed or you only get a hit unless offered. You NEVER ask for a hit, unless the other person is a good friend and smoking partner
4) Be willing smoke shitty weed, resin hit a bowl, tear apart roaches, and empty out the kief box before going a day with no THC at all
Examples of stoner: Bob Marley, Cheech and Chong, Slater from Dazed and Confused, Spicoli from Fast Times at Ridgemont High
by weedFORthePEOPLE December 05, 2011
A useless member of society that smokes marjuana on a daily baisis. They don't like it when you look down on them because they think they are actually worth something. In reality all they do is go home in thier studio apartment (or freeloading off an unfortunate Roomate) smoke a joint, then do a podcast. activities of a stoner involve giggling uncontrollably, Liquiding (Strange arm movements, probably a mating call), Listening to dubstep, and eating what ever munchies thier roommate has to offer. Stoners can habitually be seen at bong stores, outside 7-11, under bridges, ect.
Steriod Monkey1:Hey! see you see those stoners over there?

Steriod Monkey2: Oh yeah!

by Yourmothersnewboyfriend February 16, 2011
Little whiny bitches who smoke weed all day and waste the time of other people with actual lives. They aren't very intelligent and they are the worst type of class clowns. They stink like nobody's business and in 20 years, will be living with their mother while the rest of the world will be enjoying the fruits of their labor: A nice house and car and plenty of money to spend on a comfortable life. :) They bitch about people looking down on weed because they are jealous. They wish their lives weren't such wastes.
Hey. Look at that kid. He's a stoner. We all know where he's going to be in 20 years. He's going to be the best burger flipper ever!!!!
by derpxx October 05, 2010
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