Stoner someone who smoke a lot of cannabis to open his mind. As a stoner i can say that you see everything from a different perspective when you're stoned. It's all natural, spiritual, positive vides. With my friends stoners each time we smoke we have different vibes, ideas and dreams. But we don't have a big sum of money or great power among society so we just can't make all of our dreams come true, dreams which would benefit the society from which we are rejected. Being a stoner is the best thing that ever happened in my life...
Friends: bla bla bla bla
Me: HEy look at the sky with all the stars
Friends: .........................(for about 1 minute then,) What a great view i can even see a plane which looks like 4 moving stars....
Me: That's a stoner
by Samy Black September 22, 2015
a group of people who participate in smoking marijuana or cannabis out of a spiff,joint,blunt,bong to get high as fuck.
Oh man did you see Tyler, Michael, and Trevor smoking that dank ass weed, they are such stoners.
by jimmy ass April 03, 2015
Stoners are people who smoke cannabis products, such as 'weed' or 'hash'. Others typically will look down on them and categorize them as "scumbags", however, I know a few stoners and they're actually the best kind of people, in my opinion. They're very peaceful and friendly, they won't judge you, and they usually have great taste in music. They're the kind of people that you could find at a music festival, for instance.
by Magical Nymph March 08, 2014
An incompetent dolt that wishes in life only to get high, Forever working at Burger King or Spencers. Wondering where life went wrong, A collection of bongs worth their entire life savings. Drives only 15 year old Hyundais with 420, Bob Marley and Grateful Dead stickers covering it.
Bob: Man I showed up so stoned for the SATs i only got a 1100!

Frank: I showed up after a bottle of tequila and 3 beers and got a 1580. You probably should not be a stoner, Maybe you should be so drunk you urinate on the proctor next time...

Sally: I came in blind stinking sober and got a 1228, maybe next time a bottle of vodka for breakfast.
by The_Drunken_Nun August 17, 2012
In modern day, someone who smokes marijuana and is a burnout loser. In ancient time it were to be one who would build stone structures for the gods. Basically the whole world did drugs and that connected them to a higher energy, which was where "god" and religion came in. The people of the ancient world payed great attention to these energy lines and learned the patterns of it. They created stone structures aligning with these patterns to create sacred physical/astral allignments which they used for religious ceremonies.
(963AD) "yeah, there stoners"
(2011AD) "what a buncha stupid stoners"
by Cymatikps October 16, 2011
The stoner: smoking weed has made him forget about the important things in life and he wastes his time considering trivial self reflections of his condition.

The stoner wonders about useless truths such as: what is truth? He considers his own personal revelations to be of great significance to mankind - but they are all revelations that had been made before. Few cared at the time, and few care still.

The stoner often appreciates music, video games, film, art, poetry, food, history, religion, meditation, sleeping, and beautiful sunsets.

The stoner hates the Man because the Man made weed illegal.
Joe: Did you see Lucy? She has been staring at a flower for about twenty minutes.

Bob: What a stoner.
by morpheous prime August 01, 2011
People who enjoy smoking the Marijuana on a regular basis. Friendly people who are nice too. And although they could spend their hard earned cash on something that could get them somewhere in life, they are happy buying weed on a $50+ a week budget.
I am a lot more successful then those stoners because I don't spend all my money on the Herb of the sacred garden
by The Evangelist June 18, 2011

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