Someone who is capable of smoking a lot of marijuana in their life. They also tell the complete truth when they are high as fuck. Always believe them if they say they're "jizzing in their pants because this cereal is so good".
Stoner:I peed on your toothbrush cause I thought it was a little toilet

Stoner#2:I'm jizzing in my pants because this cereal is so good
by cerealissogood May 06, 2011
Yo dude, someone who just lived their life dude, no regard
Where there is a stoner there is a way
by PotHead/ 420 Nation May 01, 2011
One who appreciates the magic of science, but not in the academic sense
Look at Jim watching Carl Sagan, he's such a stoner!
by angelhairpasta April 22, 2011
Stoner is a simple man/woman who smokes mostly cannabis but also may be intrested in salvia or other herbs and mother natures makings but simply put, a guy who just likes to smoke everyday and listen to music and videogames have a good time with his/her friends not caring so much about the goings in the world

But stoner must'nt be mixed with pothead because they are two clearly different things and... yea thats pretty much about it
(sry about the typing errors and such but if your reading this you must atleast a little high yourself)
guy 1:Hey look at that quiet guy over there i bet he even doesn't have any friends
guy 2:No i think he's just a stoner
by One chill guy December 07, 2009
A person who is true to the holy herb, and blazes often..

typically with long hair, and red eyes.
this guy is a good example is this guy who is a stoner .com/watch?v=Arza0wz-QEk
by mr??? June 30, 2009
A person whose way of life is based around being and getting stoned. To be a TRUE stoner you must:

1) Smoke everyday
2) Know the simple processes of smoking: how to roll; use a carb; use a slider; not torch the bowl; etc
3) Not be a scavenger. Either you buy your own weed or you only get a hit unless offered. You NEVER ask for a hit, unless the other person is a good friend and smoking partner
4) Be willing smoke shitty weed, resin hit a bowl, tear apart roaches, and empty out the kief box before going a day with no THC at all
Examples of stoner: Bob Marley, Cheech and Chong, Slater from Dazed and Confused, Spicoli from Fast Times at Ridgemont High
by weedFORthePEOPLE December 05, 2011
In modern day, someone who smokes marijuana and is a burnout loser. In ancient time it were to be one who would build stone structures for the gods. Basically the whole world did drugs and that connected them to a higher energy, which was where "god" and religion came in. The people of the ancient world payed great attention to these energy lines and learned the patterns of it. They created stone structures aligning with these patterns to create sacred physical/astral allignments which they used for religious ceremonies.
(963AD) "yeah, there stoners"
(2011AD) "what a buncha stupid stoners"
by Cymatikps October 16, 2011

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