A stoner is a person who enjoys smoking the herb very much. It can be used by an insult, but when it is used with a negative connotation it's usually said by extremely uptight and right-wing who are again marijuana use. Stoners are usually very friendly, peaceful, and happy people. They preach peace and love. Some people who smoke a lot of marijuana are unmotivated and do poorly in school or don't get good jobs. But that is certainly not true for all users. I smoke quite often and I am fit, healthy, intelligent and maintain a 3.7 GPA. Many who talk down about people who choose to smoke the herb smoke cigarettes or drink alcohol, both of which kill thousands of people each year, while marijuana has killed no one at all.
hey man, let's be stoners and smoke some mary jane then color! hell yes
by sarahdg June 14, 2009
Stoners are people who smoke cannabis products, such as 'weed' or 'hash'. Others typically will look down on them and categorize them as "scumbags", however, I know a few stoners and they're actually the best kind of people, in my opinion. They're very peaceful and friendly, they won't judge you, and they usually have great taste in music. They're the kind of people that you could find at a music festival, for instance.
by Magical Nymph March 08, 2014
Someone who like to consume large amounts of cannabis, hashish and any variant of the Cannabaceae plants. Stoners often rather smoke 'weed' and use the medicinal plant for their recreational purposes than to exercise another hobby. Stoners are generally friendly people that do not force the act of smoking upon others. Stoners also often have an open mindset on life.
"She's a stoner!"
by xahdudex July 28, 2013

1. A person who gets high alot.

2. A person who sells drugs that makes the buyers high.
Woh dude, that guy has fucktons of pot! He sure is a stoner!
by HJxJJ November 20, 2011
The stoner: smoking weed has made him forget about the important things in life and he wastes his time considering trivial self reflections of his condition.

The stoner wonders about useless truths such as: what is truth? He considers his own personal revelations to be of great significance to mankind - but they are all revelations that had been made before. Few cared at the time, and few care still.

The stoner often appreciates music, video games, film, art, poetry, food, history, religion, meditation, sleeping, and beautiful sunsets.

The stoner hates the Man because the Man made weed illegal.
Joe: Did you see Lucy? She has been staring at a flower for about twenty minutes.

Bob: What a stoner.
by morpheous prime August 01, 2011
A stoner is someone who smokes weed everyday. Smoking marijuana has become a part of that persons life, and is not viewed as a drug, but rather a "supplement" for enhancing that persons life on any way they choose. Personally I like to smoke the reefer and just enjoy life, and by being stoned, everything you do feels, sounds, and looks better. It is a way of life and having it labeled illegal will not stop a true stoner from doing what he/she loves the most.
Male 1 (not a stoner). "Dude this is so boring all we are doing is sitting here doing nothing!"

Male 2 (is a stoner). "Dude, I'm stoned..... :) "
by weedisallyouneed, mang. June 07, 2011
A friendly, lazy type of people, usually wearing drug rugs and munching on burritos. Stoners are friendly, peaceful, and often humorous. You can find them in any low income area, and often wealthy people or celebrities are hidden stoners.
Normal person 'oh what a lovely day'

Stoner 'hahaha look at that fucking squirrel, bro'
by TheCrazyMaddie May 10, 2011

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