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1. Slang for a pot smoker, someone who smokes marijuana or cannabis.
2. Someone who stones people to death for a living.

Guy 1: Everyone always calls me a stoner, I've only smoked pot once.
Guy 2: Yeah, if by once you mean one hundred times.
Condemned Criminal: Well yes I cheated on my wife but what is my punishment?
Official: You will be stoned.
Stoner: Come with me, I brought my favorite rocks.
by kaylaxxx June 30, 2013
Some of the most successful people who are looked down upon by idiotic alcoholics, coke heads, and/or those who are insecure about themselves. Ignorant people say that being smoking weed (everyday) is bad but the fact of the matter is, weed is the greatest and most harmless thing to put in your body.
Tommy Chong and Marc Emery are my heroes and they are both stoners.
by Danny Blaine September 13, 2011
anyone who smokes weed can be a stoner. a straight A student or a homeless guy. people think stoners are the scum of earth and live in sqats etc. which is harsh as weed chills you out and you have a laugh. never seen anyone be violent on weed. but when people drink its fights fights fight. Make weed legal and the world would be a better place!
stoner: take me out the oven! im baked
by hellokitty12123 July 14, 2010
a stoner is a person who smokes weed everyday, or whenever they can. stoners don't get high just because they think they are addicted, that's a pot head, stoners like the high of the weed,its fun. they are chill people.
you smoke weed because you like the high of it, your a stoner.
by illegalshit420 May 21, 2010
Everyone knows that the definition of stoner is a person who enjoys smoking marijuana, but beyond that, enjoys the marijuana culture (demographically speaking, they tend to be smokers who grow).

But there is a definition borrowed from a really old webster dictionary definition from the late 1500's... ok im just making that up, I just made up a definition, but should suit a definition mathematically.

these are the tools i measure with (its a medium sized jay)

Measured in days(d), joints (W).

If a the person smokes atleast two Ws a day for 28 consecutive days straight.
If a person smokes without prior planning or knowledge of smoke/smokes out with people they randomly meet on the street.
Has had a 14 day or more smoking trip or smoking binge with their friends where they have each smoked 10 or more Ws each day.

If the person fills two or more of those criteria, they are stoners- good for you :)
Yo Andreas!! Dude, that Stoner Kevin just met some random Stoner dude on the street who was wearing a clown hat just now and they went off to bake at the beach dude. I thought they were going to get into an argument or something but they just went to smoke up without us while we were on the 14 day smoking binge where we smoked atleast like 15 joints a day dude, dude we went from smoking like atleast 4 joints of some dope bud a day for 28 days...

If you talk like this- you just might be a Stoner.
Although if you don't talk like this, you could still be a Stoner- if you smoke that much consecutively and have such conversations.
by LegalizeItNow April 07, 2010
A noun which refers to someone who smokes marijuana habitually, compulsively, or recreationally. The nature of the stoner is that he or she may attend to any task or responsibility as though they weren't under the influence of any foreign substance, ie. driving, voting, taking a test, watching somebody's boat until they return, etc.
Stoners may be seen enjoying all the activities of non-stoners, but sincerely believing that they are enjoying the activities to a much greater extent. The reality of this can't be verified, since it is subjective, but the individual may display childlike enjoyment and unusual zeal, which is an indication of heightened pleasure.

Man 1: Wow, you really seemed to enjoy playing laser tag, much more so than any of the other adults, you seemed like a child out there.

Man 2: Oh man, that was soooo fun, I felt like I was in a gun battle in space!!! It was totally worth the price!!

Man 1: What's that strange odor?
by giggles78 March 20, 2010
One who enjoys consuming cannabis either by most often smoking, ingestion, or vaporization.

A stoner can be male or female and any age, and any occupation. Everyone has a right to enjoy marijuana equally, which is why it grows freely.
I know plenty of good people who happen to be stoners. Many famous philosophers, scientists, and other great minds have smoked pot.
by withappens December 12, 2009