Someone who enjoys smoking a lot of bud and toking it up with friends, not to be mistaken with a pothead. A stoner gets high and enjoys it, a pothead tells everyone who they can get within earshot with.

1.) Is honored to load the bowl or roll the joint
2.) will blaze a friend who muches no matter what
3.) Can make a bong out of anything
4.) Has code words and can act cool in a public situation
5.) has a creed that they follow

1.) Brags about how high they get
2.) Doesnt let anyone smoke with them that dont bring bud or cash
3.) need instructions to make a bong and stupidly google it
4.) Freak out in public situations and yell out each others names
5.) Basically its a fight for your own, if you lose shut up
Stoner 1: Sure man, here load this and well start toking Mr. Noms, just bring some next time
Stoner 2: Thanks man

Pothead 1: Dude you didnt bring any weed!? no way you can smoke with me (insert name here)
Pothead 2: (next day) I got so high last night!!
by Snakeeyes:) March 07, 2010
you know your a stoner when you can make noodles without boiling it.
ramen noodles,you take a packege you open package pull out block of noodles apply seasoning packet equally spread on block of noodles flip it upside downm give it a pat on the back and crunch and munch baby yea yummy yum.....stoner...
by stonerbaby101,WLP&W420-69 June 29, 2009
Someone who enjoys smoking the herb. Always friendly, usually down with helping out others, always down with helping someone out for their first time. Sometimes a mooch, but if they smoked you out, then damn, its just right for you to buy them a bag of doritios and a coke!

NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH A POTHEAD... since potheads= brag too god damn much about how much weed they smoke; while with stoners, everybody just knows how much they smoked.
friends: Hey girl, I heard you just made a run...
Me: hell yeah man, lets go.
(30 minutes later)
Me: NEED DRINK NOW.... oh hey! look at the leaves DANCE!
friends: ahahahaha. you're such a fucking stoner.


pot head: dude! I just got a fat sack and I got it for only 10 bucks
me: let me see.
me: dude, this is fucking schwag! ew.
pot head: uhhhh...what?
by smokethattumbleweed November 03, 2006
Someone who smokes weed on a daily basis.
"Where'd Myles go?"
"He's outside smoking again."
"Gosh, he's such a stoner."
by Answersdaily June 28, 2014
1. Slang for a pot smoker, someone who smokes marijuana or cannabis.
2. Someone who stones people to death for a living.

Guy 1: Everyone always calls me a stoner, I've only smoked pot once.
Guy 2: Yeah, if by once you mean one hundred times.
Condemned Criminal: Well yes I cheated on my wife but what is my punishment?
Official: You will be stoned.
Stoner: Come with me, I brought my favorite rocks.
by kaylaxxx June 30, 2013
A useless member of society that smokes marjuana on a daily baisis. They don't like it when you look down on them because they think they are actually worth something. In reality all they do is go home in thier studio apartment (or freeloading off an unfortunate Roomate) smoke a joint, then do a podcast. activities of a stoner involve giggling uncontrollably, Liquiding (Strange arm movements, probably a mating call), Listening to dubstep, and eating what ever munchies thier roommate has to offer. Stoners can habitually be seen at bong stores, outside 7-11, under bridges, ect.
Steriod Monkey1:Hey! see you see those stoners over there?

Steriod Monkey2: Oh yeah!

by Yourmothersnewboyfriend February 16, 2011
A noun which refers to someone who smokes marijuana habitually, compulsively, or recreationally. The nature of the stoner is that he or she may attend to any task or responsibility as though they weren't under the influence of any foreign substance, ie. driving, voting, taking a test, watching somebody's boat until they return, etc.
Stoners may be seen enjoying all the activities of non-stoners, but sincerely believing that they are enjoying the activities to a much greater extent. The reality of this can't be verified, since it is subjective, but the individual may display childlike enjoyment and unusual zeal, which is an indication of heightened pleasure.

Man 1: Wow, you really seemed to enjoy playing laser tag, much more so than any of the other adults, you seemed like a child out there.

Man 2: Oh man, that was soooo fun, I felt like I was in a gun battle in space!!! It was totally worth the price!!

Man 1: What's that strange odor?
by giggles78 March 20, 2010

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