Someone who is just generally laid back and enjoys everybodys company and loves to smoke. Usually loves rock music and weed.
A stoner is someone that's played guitar for 2 hours straight and can't remember any thing they played due to smoking too much weed and killin their memory. (like me)
by xXKaylaXx August 31, 2006
a being who partakes in one of the simplest pleasures in life; marijuana.
even when the rest of the human population looks down upon this lifestyle
stoners remain happy and peaceful.

all stoners hate the mo' fuggin po po, da fuzz, po-lice

Rules Of The Sacred Rotation:
1. The rotation must be decided before the first hit is taken.
2. Provider of the Ganj smokes green.
3. Provider of the piece (if other than provider of weed) smokes second.
4. Lighters are passed between smokers no matter what.
5. Nobody is skipped.
6. Nobody takes double hits except the provider, and if this happens to occur it is looked down upon, but acceptable.
7. Provider decides when to end the rotation.
Mary was a stoner because maryjane™ was her myspace name.
by LLAMA LLAMA LLAMA March 09, 2007
stoner - a person who smokes cannibus regularly. Stoners are laid back, harmless and fun to chill with. Often made fun of by arrogant dirtbag high-school football players who think their gonna make it somewhere in life with no talent at all. Its ironic how those people will only make it as far as mcdonalds in their career (straight edge dicks that is).
Hey man lets go hang out with that stoner, he seems like a friendly guy.
by m-w highhhh April 02, 2009
The people who appreciate life more than the average person.

Think about how many teachers, musicians, writers, directors, actors, republicans, parents, lawyers, doctors, clerks, patients, artists, painters, etc. smoke weed every day
Asshole: He's such a stoner
Smart Guy: You're just jealous cause he sold more albums than you, it rocks to be a stoner!
by Danny Blaine August 16, 2011
Someone who enjoys smoking a lot of bud and toking it up with friends, not to be mistaken with a pothead. A stoner gets high and enjoys it, a pothead tells everyone who they can get within earshot with.

1.) Is honored to load the bowl or roll the joint
2.) will blaze a friend who muches no matter what
3.) Can make a bong out of anything
4.) Has code words and can act cool in a public situation
5.) has a creed that they follow

1.) Brags about how high they get
2.) Doesnt let anyone smoke with them that dont bring bud or cash
3.) need instructions to make a bong and stupidly google it
4.) Freak out in public situations and yell out each others names
5.) Basically its a fight for your own, if you lose shut up
Stoner 1: Sure man, here load this and well start toking Mr. Noms, just bring some next time
Stoner 2: Thanks man

Pothead 1: Dude you didnt bring any weed!? no way you can smoke with me (insert name here)
Pothead 2: (next day) I got so high last night!!
by Snakeeyes:) March 07, 2010
A stoner is a person who smokes weed often. These people usually tend to enjoy life more then someone who doesn't smoke. They also are usually very laid back people. Stoner's enjoy music more also.
Did you notice that stoner over there? He was as high as a freaking kite.
by chill stoner420 July 19, 2009
you know your a stoner when you can make noodles without boiling it.
ramen noodles,you take a packege you open package pull out block of noodles apply seasoning packet equally spread on block of noodles flip it upside downm give it a pat on the back and crunch and munch baby yea yummy yum.....stoner...
by stonerbaby101,WLP&W420-69 June 29, 2009
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