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A sexual identity held by Femmes who do not touch the genitalia of their partner during intimate relations.

A Stone Femme usually partners with and is attracted to a
Stone Butch.

She is a Stone Femme, she would never disrespect her partner's boundaries.
by StoneFemme April 16, 2006
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Stone Femme (StoneFemme) is a term often used within lesbian communities.

To say someone is stone is to say that that person does not permit sexual touch, esp. penetrative, upon their person. In other words, if a stone person is having partnered sex they would be the pitching, not the catching, partner. (See Stone Butch)

In common usage, Stone Femme has two quite different definitions:

1) Femme-who-is-stone
2) femme-of-a-stone-butch*.

The grammatical parallel structure of stone femme / stone butch would logically indicate that the femme, like the butch, is uninterested in receiving sexual touch. Thus, femme-who-is-stone.

*The other possible meaning, femme-of-a-stone-butch, simultaneously implies a denial of the possibility that a femme might be stone (by supplanting the parallel term with an identical term with an opposite meaning), and if read the right way, implies a type of relationship ownership, as in "Mrs Stonebutch". This meaning is deprecated.
Mary was the kind of aggressive Stone Femme who made all the non-stone butches want to fling their legs in the air for her, although many of the bolder women had hopeless and unspoken dreams of one day returning the favour.
by Miselaineous May 02, 2011
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A femme lesbian or feminine woman who does not allow or enjoy sexual penetration; she may not even allow any touching of her genitalia whatsoever, even clitoral stimulation. She generally prefers to "top," or be the more active partner when having sex.

"Stone" can also be used to refer to butches who prefer to top and not be touched sexually themselves.
That girl is a total stone femme; she will strap it on and give it to you good, but don't even think about trying to touch her. She is strictly a top.
by FemmeFury January 16, 2011
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Can define a "Femme" identified woman who is sexually untouchable.

Stone can also mean "very", as in "very feminine" and proud of it.

A woman who is partnered with or attracted to very masculine/Butch women.
Is Leslie's girlfriend a stone femme?
by Hym May 01, 2005
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