When you are fucking a girl missionary and you are about to ejaculate, you do it on her stomach. this gives the illusion of putting pancake batter on a skillet.
My baby batter got all the way to her face when I just wanted is to give her a stomach pancake
by madison_avenue February 19, 2011
Top Definition
The drops of semen deposited on a girls stomach after ejaculation
I left an order of stomach pancakes on Sally.
by itchy corn April 15, 2003
When a male ejaculates over the abdominal area of a female, ensuring that the sperm falls in a flat and round form, much like that of a pancake. Following the termination of the orgasm, the female ingests the penile secretion
"man after I was done plowing that chick I finished off by giving her stomach pancakes for breakfast, and man did she eat it up"
by rad bud August 12, 2005
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