To have sexual intercourse in a uncaring and/or careless way. Slang for having sex. Vulgar term for having sex. Being taken advantage of.
Gee I wanna Stoink her.

Man, we Stoinked all night.

My butt hurts, I think I've just been Stoinked.
by watabull August 30, 2004
Top Definition
To smell foul. Aromatic in a displeasing way.
Those are some stoink eggs, when do they expire?
by Converge2001 May 22, 2005
Derived from the word stoned, it's specifically the feeling of lazy contentment you get when you're blazed af on marijuana, and you're feeling too lazy and comfortable to even move or think.
Stoink can be used as a verb or as an adjective.

"Wanna stoink tonight?"

"I'm so stoinked right now."
by OnlineMoniker March 18, 2016
A slang word for sexual itercourse. Usually happens on Tuesday, when mum is out.
Sean has a stoink session on Tuesday
by Tommy White June 26, 2006
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