a ciggarete
damn yo pass that stoggie nukkah
by Anonymous March 11, 2003
Top Definition
Strange colloquialism for a Cigar.
He stood and smoked his Stoggie.
by Prof. Wormwood August 03, 2004
Noun = Wood-Pigeon, Columba palumbus
Native of Europe & Asia.
Also Known as the "Ring-Dove"
They are a beautiful, plump, grey bird with white rings on the wings.
The Males(cocks)have a Round-Topped Skull, whilst the Females(hens)have a Flat-Topped Skull.
They make a persistent, yet somehow relaxing, "Coo-Cooing" sound ring out amongst the trees.
Each Breeding Pair Produce Two;
or in a good year Three clutches of two young per clutch each year, in a single nest.
They are only distantly related to the City-Pigeon or Rock-Dove Columba livia
They are Delicious;
when wrapped in streaky bacon & roasted; Or
when boned-out,diced and put in a
Pigeon-Pie with gravy and sweetcorn;
when put into a
Pigeon and Rabbit-Pie;
Or when put in a Crow and Pigeon-Pie
Recipies Abound For Pigeon-Casseroles.
Use Your Imagination.
They Eat Our Crops.
" Mum says she's got the Vegetables and the Sauce; So I'm off to get the Stoggies "
by Cyril Squirrel April 01, 2007
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