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formally conestoga high school from tredyffrin-easttown school district in pa. on the mainline. serves as the high school for valley forge, berwyn, paoli, devon, part of strafford, and some other random ones. pretty big. actually, we have a cute nickname:stoga stoners. because everyone's always high and it's not uncommon to do trips on the bus, as well as other drugs. mascot: pioneer. colors: maroon and grey. public, by the way. made up of people who aren't rich at all, but aren't completely poor...basically blue collar workers(middle class). slogan: welcome to conestoga high school, where the grades are high and the students are higher.
person1: yo, what school do you go to?
person1:rich faggot.(to person3) where do you go to school?
person3:great valley.


person2 and 3: well, what school do you go to?
person1: stoga. :)
person2 and 3: *walk away in ashamed silence*
by heyitserin:) February 03, 2010
Nyanja (Zambian Language) Socks or for Condom
Aids kills use a stoga!
by Zed Kid December 10, 2010
A very large burst of hot steam penetrating your anus.
by Snarf March 03, 2003
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